Saturday, December 29, 2007

Day 29

photo by +=_the Moon_=+

1 quart lemon juice
2 oz wheatgrass shot
1 quart carrot juice with wheatgrass powder
1 quart orange juice with MSM

I got my hair done today in cute little twists. Nothing like spending 8 hours in a braiding salon for the sake of beauty. I'll post a picture tomorrow. Tonight my head kind of hurts and I don't feel like posing right now.

It's hard to believe I'm almost a third of the way into my juice feasting experience. Wow! I haven't had any major problems with this feast. I feel really good, surprisingly so. I wasn't really expecting it to go so well. Actually, I wasn't really expecting anything. I'm on this journey that's full of surprises and I'm treating it that way.

But there is a sense of anticipation going on. I can't explain it fully, but it's kind of like waiting for the other shoe to drop or something.

In a few days I'm going to open Inspiration:Life to the public. I'm very excited to be sharing this journey with others.

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