Monday, March 31, 2008

Week 2 of Building a Raw Body

photo by mogh_ip

Today was a productive day. I had a really great workout, it was kind of late (1 p.m.) in the day for me but great all the same.

I found a new and fun site to get weight training information from. It's called Shape Fit. It has free workouts, menus, videos and such. Check it out when you get a minute.

I am getting less and less sore after workouts. I'm fairly sure it is because of the MSM and my body is adapting pretty well to the weight training.

The only thing that I'm really noticing is I need to try to get more stretching into the mix. I do feel a bit tight in the muscles. I miss my hot yoga, maybe in the next few weeks I can get my ducks in a row.

This week I work my lower body twice and my upper body once. I will work the abs on my cardio days.

I will post my new exercises some time this week. I will continue with the pyramid format, it works well for me.

Life at home is still on shaky ground but I suppose getting better. Who am I kidding? It sucks and my husband and I fake contentment fairly well.

We are at the stage where we don't talk about what has happened in the past week and hope it fades into thin air instead of festering into the woodwork. What I wouldn't give for a treadmill right now.

Peace and love,

On the Menu:
8A: 1 quart lemon water with MSM

11:30A: 1 quart green smoothie (spinach/celery/bananas/hemp protein powder/bee pollen)

3:30P: large salad (green leaf lettuce/scallions/jalapeno/hemp protein powder/lemon/olive oil with chickpea fritters.

4:30P: Lara Bar

6P: 1 quart green smoothie (spinach/celery/bananas/orange/hemp protein powder/bee pollen)

Weight Training -Lower body

DB Squats: 15/10; 12/12; 10/15; 8/20; 15/15
Leg Presses: 15/90

Straight-Leg Deadlifts: 15/12; 12/15; 10/20; 8/25; 15/15
DB Lunges: 15/10

Seated Calf Press: 15/90

20 minutes running on treadmill

45 minutes walking in the park with daughters

Thank You!

Hello everyone! My name is Terilynn and welcome to my personal blog Inspiration:Life. I also write The Daily Raw Cafe, (Blogs of Note, October 2007) a living foods uncooking blog.

I want to thank the lovely folks at Blogger for choosing Inspiration:Life for a "blog of note". It is quite an honor that they have chosen not one but two of my blogs to feature in less than a year's time. That is totally rawsome!

I want to show my love and devotion to the readers who check in on me from time to time to read about my adventures in juice feasting and the raw lifestyle. I appreciate you.

To all the new visitors, I hope you enjoy my life as much as I do. Well, I don't always enjoy my life, but I'll let you know about those times.

Here's a quick guide to help you get up to speed.

Photo Gallery (Before and After photos)
Photo shoot after the juice feast

Have fun and find inspiration in everything you do.
Peace and love,

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Saturday March 29 stats

photo by Sara Heinrichs
On the menu:
8A: 1 quart lemon water with MSM
10:30A: 2 Lara bars
2:30P: a small plate of rawluck offerings (hummus, Mediterranean seed salad, flax crackers, raw burrito, coconut water)
7:30P: avocado/lemon juice/flax seeds/sea salt
8:30P: 1 quart green smoothie (spinach/celery/bananas/hemp protein powder/bee pollen)

10P: Portobello Burger with fries. Glass of white wine.

I needed to get out of the house last night and let my hair down a bit and my neighbor was kind enough to come along.

We went to the Wynkoop Brewing Company. Nice but definitely, not the place to get wild and crazy. I was looking for that last night.

My evening was pretty tame, well with the exception of being a rebel and eating, yes, a grilled (cooked) mushroom burger.

Of course at the time I told myself I needed something to absorb the alcohol I really shouldn't be drinking in the first place. But it's all good, especially that burger.

Which I suspect I will eat again in life because it tasted that good.

I am very surprised that I didn't have any ill effects after eating it. I took my time chewing and eating to make sure I digested it well.
I think it took me an hour to eat the burger. The fries were shared with my neighbor.
I feel good today, guilt-free. Well sort of. I did work out first thing this morning, so maybe I felt a bit guilty.

But I'm ready to move on with life. I'll make my green smoothie and to prepare some raw falafel balls to munch on for the week.

We all have those cheat meals, right?

Friday March 28 stats

photo by Pandiyan

On the menu:
5:30A: Lemon water with MSM

10:30A: 1 quart green smoothie (spinach/celery/bananas/hemp protein powder/bee pollen)

2P large salad (green leaf lettuce/sprouts/onion/jalapeno/hemp protein powder/lemon juice/olive oil)

3:30P avocado/lemon juice/flax seeds/sea salt

5 p.m. flax crackers with raisins and cinnamon
Weight Training -Upper Body

DB Bench Press: 15reps/10lbs; 12reps/12lbs; 10reps/15lbs; 8reps/20lbs; 15reps/12lbs
DB Flyes: 15reps/8lbs

Wide-Grip Pulldown: 15/40; 12/50; 10/60; 8/40; 15/40
Bent-Over Rows: 15/15

Overhead Press: 15/5; 12/8; 10/10; 8/12; 15/10
Front Raises: 15/5

Bicep Curls: 15/5; 12/8; 10/10; 8/12; 15/10
Hammer Curls: 15/10

Tricep Extensions: 15/5; 12/8; 10/10; 8/12; 15/8
Bench Dips: 15 reps (no weight)

20 minutes cardio (running on treadmill)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

photo by scott
On the menu:
10A: 1 quart green smoothie (spinach/celery/bananas/hemp protein powder/bee pollen)

1:30P large salad (green leaf lettuce/sprouts/onion/jalapeno/hemp protein powder/lemon juice/olive oil)

5P coleslaw (green and purple cabbage) with Kimchi

7P 1 quart green smoothie

45 minutes cardio

Abs workout - 30x
Rev. crunches
Oblique crunches
Crunches on ball
Today hasn't been the best day, to be truthful the past few days have been short of a nightmare.
I have found solace in my workouts. They are a support I hadn't expected but are appreciated. I have a feeling in the coming weeks my workouts will be a major support.
I apologize for sounding vague and mysterious, but life on the home front ain't good and I'm hurting.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"Before" Pictures

Two things I learned today is: I still hate lunges and the counter guy at my gym is a dirty old man.

I was starting my workout when the counter guy asked me how long I ran on the treadmill and what type of weight training I was doing. It was short and sweet and he asked me to come see him after my workout. Sure, no problem.

Of course, I thought what could he want? Maybe he wanted to commend on my workout routine or ask me to help someone out with weights or countless other things.

Do you want to know what this dirty old man wanted? He wanted to ask me if I was wearing a good support bra while running on the treadmill. He was just checking to make sure I had enough support. Whatever, you perv.

Above is the infamous "before" photo. I'll take another in a month or so.

If I look grumpy, I am. If for no other reason than the counter guy at my gym is a perv. And that's kind of bumming me out.
Looking at the photo, my body is a far cry from where I began in December. I can't wait to see what body shape the weight training and 100 percent raw will do. With each workout, I am striving to make it better than the last.
Yes, I might complain about being sore,. waking up at the crack of dawn and having to do stupid lunges but I'm very excited to see the outcome.

Weight Training -Lower body
DB Squats: 15/10; 12/12; 10/15; 8/20; 15/15
Leg Presses: 15/115

Straight-Leg Deadlifts: 15/10; 12/12; 10/15;8/20; 15/15
DB Lunges: 15/12

Standing Heel Raises: 15/12; 12/15; 10/20; 8/25; 15/15
Seated Calf Press: 15/105
20 minutes running on treadmill
1 hour of rebounding during ANTM
I feel like I'm eating constantly and from the looks of it, I am.
From reading Oxygen Magazine, (btw, it has replaced Bon Appetit as my new favorite mag), eating many mini meals is the way to go.
On the Menu:
5:30A lemon water with MSM
9A salad (green leaf lettuce/carrots/scallions/2 tbsp hemp protein powder/pumpkin seeds/1 tbsp olive oil/lemon) with 1/4 cup hummus

11A flax crackers

1:30P green smoothie (spinach/celery/2 tbsp hemp protein powder/3 bananas)

3:30P salad (green leaf lettuce/carrots/scallions/sprouts/jalapeno/2 tbsp hemp protein powder/1 tbsp olive/balsamic vinegar)

5P green smoothie (extra from previous smoothie)

6P Miso broth with Seaweed and onion

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Day 2 of Raw Fit Challenge

photo by Maureen F

40 minutes (2-20 minute sessions in between Abs workout)Running on treadmill

Abs workout - 30x
Rev. crunches
Oblique crunches
Sit-ups with a twist using a medicine ball

On the menu:
5:30 A
1 quart lemon water with MSM

1 quart lemon water

1 quart green smoothie (3 very ripe bananas/4 cups spinach/one bunch celery/2 tbs hemp protein powder)

Salad sprinkled with pumpkin seeds(4 cups green and red leaf lettuce/2 celery/3 scallions/radish sprouts/onion/1 bunch of broccoli/2 tbs hemp protein powder)

1 quart green smoothie (extra from morning's smoothie)

Salad with pumpkin seeds (same as above)

Flax crackers

2 quarts of water

Terilynn's Photo Shoot

Here are a few of my favorite pixs I took for my husband's birthday.

His was very surprised and enjoyed the photos very much.

Taking these pictures made me realize how much fun being in front of the camera is. It has been a long time coming. I'm happy to be back.

Speaking of being back. Melissa (of Raw Baby Alex) has returned to the blog world.

Welcome back Melissa!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Building a Raw Hard Body begins

My triceps are killing me. They were killing me even before I finished my last exercise.

I could hear them begging me NOT to go through with the bench dips. "Skip, the bench dips" they whimpered.

But, alas, I had to carry on. They will forgive me when they are no longer flapping in the wind.

I had a nice hard workout, too early in the morning (6 am sharp) and I took a nap before lunchtime.

Tomorrow, I'll take a "before" photo. From there, I'll take a photo every four weeks. I have decided not to weigh myself (too much torture) and I have provided the measurements. Although, I don't know what measurements I should be shooting for. I'll figure that out.

Chest 37
Waist 32
Hips 37
Left Arm 12
Right Arm 12
Left Thigh 23
Right Thigh 22

Weight Training: Upper Body
DB Bench Press: 15reps/10lbs; 12reps/12lbs; 10reps/15lbs; 8reps/15lbs; 15reps/10lbs
DB Flyes: 15reps/10lbs

Wide-Grip Pulldown: 15/20; 12/30; 10/40; 8/50; 15/30
Bent-Over Rows: 15/15

Overhead Press: 15/8; 12/10; 10/12; 8/12; 15/10
Front Raises: 15/5

Bicep Curls: 15/5; 12/8; 10/10; 8/12; 15/10
Hammer Curls: 15/10

Tricep Extensions: 15/8; 12/10; 10/12; 8/15; 15/8
Bench Dips: 15 reps

20 minutes cardio (running on treadmill)

On the menu:
5:30 A
1 quart water

1 quart lemon water with MSM

1 quart green smoothie (2 very ripe bananas/2 cups spinach/4 celery stalks/ 1 orange/2 tbs hemp protein powder)

Salad (2 cups green leaf lettuce/1/2-jalapeno/1/2-cucumber/3 scallions/juice of one lemon/1 tsp olive oil/1/4 cup hummus)

1/2 quart green smoothie (extra from morning's smoothie)

Power Salad (3 cups green leaf letuuce/ 1/4 cup raisins/ 1/2 jalapeno/ 1/2-cucumber/1/2 cup Radish Sprouts/2 tbs hemp protein powder/ Raw "French" Dressing)
4 slices dehydrated eggplant
1 carrot

4 Flax crackers

2 cups miso broth with seaweed and onions

3 quarts of water

Raw "French" Dressing
1/4 cup sundried tomato, soaked
2 celery stalks, diced
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
1/2 cup water
1 garlic clove, minced
1 tablespoon Italian seasonings
1 teaspoon sea salt

Place ingredients in a blender. Process until smooth and creamy.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

On the Menu

Slowly but surely, I'm sharing the photos from the photo shoot. The shots below are the behind the scene pixs. That day was a good day.

On Monday, I'll share the bulk of photos.

I'm taking the rest of the week and weekend off from blogging. It's my oldest daughter's and my husband's birthday's this weekend so it will be busy. I hope you all have a great weekend and I'll chat with you on Monday! HAPPY EASTER!
I found a great resource for raw bodybuilding at Vegan Bodybuilding. The site is very informative and the forum is very helpful and supportive.

I am having a bit of trouble with deciding on whether or not I want to weigh. I thought I could do it, but I have had so many issues in the past with my relationship with the scale.

I don't want past demons to return and haunt me.

I realize weight and body fat percentage is an important marker in the bodybuilding community but is it really necessary for what I'm doing?

My instinct tells me to just take measurements once a week and go by my clothing size. Which haven't changed since breaking my feast. I will think more about it over the weekend.

I will eat 6-7 mini meals, whether they be juices, smoothies, salads, etc.
Eat about every 2-3 hours, just like in my juice feast I will set the timer to make sure I'm eating.
Drink 3-4 quarts water per day

I am not going to worry about if I'm eating enough protein, if I consistently eat my green leafy vegetables, I have no doubt that I'll get my protein in.

Here is a brief list of items I will consume during the Raw Fit Challenge.

Majority of my diet will be from...
Greens (lots and lots of spinach, kale, wild greens, etc.,)
Seaweed products

A fair of amount of...
Not too much...
Fats (avocados, nuts, seeds, etc)

Hemp Protein Powder
Raw Power Powder
Goji Berries
Chia Seeds

photos by Sheba Wheeler

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Exercises for My Raw Fit Challenge

photo by Randee St. Nicholas
I thought it might be a good idea to have a reference fitness body to model my body after. To give you an idea of the size and proportions I'm aiming for.

I actually have two lovely ladies whose bodies I admire, they are co-winners of the 2005 Ms. Muscle & Fitness competition. Alicia Marie and Jennifer Nicole Lee.

I probably will be talking more about these ladies as time goes on.

My husband said that there wasn't any way I could get a body like these ladies in 12 weeks. He said their bodies come from years of training.
Maybe, maybe not. Have you seen the amazing bodies that people get from working out for 12 weeks on Body for Life?
I believe anything is possible and I love the fact that he told me I can't do something. Because when it comes to my drive and tenacity, I LOVE proving him wrong.
Also, I know I'm not going to get an Alicia fitness body or a Jennifer fitness body, I will the proud owner of a Terilynn fitness body. And that is cool with me.
Here is a list of exercises I will be using. If you can think of more, please feel free to pass it along and I'll add it to the list.

Repetitions: x15, 12, x10, x8, x15, x15
My outline is based on the Body for Life weight training program.
For those who aren't familiar with the program, you choose one exercise and conduct five sets with it, starting with a set of (in my case) 15 reps, then increasing the weight and doing 12 reps, adding more weight and doing 10 reps, adding more weight for 8 reps.

Then reduce to a comfortable yet challenging weight and do 15 reps.
Perform another set of 15 reps for that muscle group using the second selected exercise.

Upper Body
Barbell Bench Presses
Barbell Incline Presses
Dumbbell Bench Presses
Dumbbell Incline Presses
Dumbbell Flyes
Cable Crossovers
Decline Chest Press
Decline Chest Fly
Pull Overs
Ball Chest Press
Ball Chest Fly

photo by Natashalatrasha
Wide-Grip Lat Pulldowns
One-Arm Dumbbell Rows
Seated Cable Rows
Back Extensions
Straight Arm Pulldowns
Bent over row
Reverse curl

Seated Dumbbell Presses
Front Raises
Lateral Raises
Reverse Flyes
Upright Cable Rows
Upright Barbell Rows
Overhead press
Dumbbell shrugs
Upright Row
Bent Over Lateral Raise

photo by bartendermagic
Alternate Dumbbell Curls
Barbell Curls
Preacher Curls
Concentration Curls
Cable Curls
Hammer Curls
Bicep curls

Seated Triceps Presses
Lying Triceps Presses
Triceps Kickbacks
Triceps Pushdowns
Cable Extensions
Bench Dips
Standing tricep presses
Tricep Skullcrushers
Kickbacks, Bent,1-Arm,Dumbbell
Triceps Reverse Grip Push Down

Lower Body

Barbell Squats
Dumbbell Squats
Leg Presses
Leg Extensions
Jump Squat
Lying Side Leg Raise

Dumbbell Lunges
Straight-Leg Deadlifts
Lying Leg Curls
Bridge Pose
Bridge Pose On The Ball
Leg Curl
One Legged Bridge

photo by atwood19
Seated Calf Raises
Standing Heel Raises

Floor Crunches
Oblique Floor Crunches
Decline Crunches
Decline Oblique
Hanging Knee Raises
Reverse Crunches
Cable Crunches
Cable Oblique Crunches
Oblique twists
Pelvic tilts
The plank
Leg Lowering
Ball crunch
The Hundred
Ball Oblique Crunch
180 Ball Crunch

I've been tagged!

Keely has tagged me. I guess I shall tell you 5 things about myself that you might not know. Although, I just shared a link that hides nothing.

1 When I was younger (and maybe still) I wanted to be an actress.
2 I didn't get my driver's license until I was 25 years old.
3 I don't care for tomatoes but I enjoy recipes with tomatoes in them.
4 I can bounce a quarter on my stomach.
5 I am a (step)grandmother to six children.

The Rules: Link to the person who tagged you. Share 5 facts about yourself. Tag 5 people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them). Let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blogs.

I am tagging; Philip, Sheba, Santi, David and Katrina! If you were already tagged, you can ignore this tag. Otherwise... YOU'RE IT!!!

Shhh! Just between you and me

Go here.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Raw Fit Training Schedule

photo by Erinsworld
I will track my progress throughout the twelve weeks.

I will bite the bullet and do the weigh-in and body fat percentage and the measurements on a regular basis. I think they are important aspects of keeping things in check.

On Friday, I'll get my city recreation card so I'll have access to a gym that is close to home.

photo by Lollyknit

I did go the Body for Life training schedule route mainly because I enjoy pyramid training. It makes me feel physically stronger.

Here is my (tentative) training schedule. I increased the repetitions. Look it over and tell me what you think.

Training Split
Weeks 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11
Monday: Upper Body
Wednesday: Lower Body
Friday: Upper Body

Weeks 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12
Monday: Lower Body
Wednesday: Upper Body
Friday: Lower Body
The exercises will be rotated, so I will do a different exercises every two weeks.
Tomorrow I will post a list of exercises I will have to choose from.

Upper Body

Lower Body

Repetitions: 15, 12, 10, 8, 15, 15

Weeks 1-2
Monday: 20 minutes
Tuesday: 30 minutes
Wednesday: 20 minutes
Thursday: 30 minutes
Friday: 20 minutes
Saturday: 30 minutes
Sunday: Rest

Weeks 3-4
Monday: 25 minutes
Tuesday: 35 minutes
Wednesday: 25 minutes
Thursday: 35 minutes
Friday: 25 minutes
Saturday: 35 minutes
Sunday: Rest
Weeks 5-6
Monday: 30 minutes
Tuesday: 40 minutes
Wednesday: 30 minutes
Thursday: 40 minutes
Friday: 30 minutes
Saturday: 40 minutes
Sunday: Rest

Weeks 7-8
Monday: 35 minutes
Tuesday: 45 minutes
Wednesday: 35 minutes
Thursday: 45 minutes
Friday: 35 minutes
Saturday: 45 minutes
Sunday: Rest

Weeks 9-10
Monday: 40 minutes, 20 minutes*
Tuesday: 50 minutes
Wednesday: 40 minutes, 20 minutes
Thursday: 50 minutes
Friday: 40 minutes, 20 minutes
Saturday: 50 minutes
Sunday: Rest

Weeks 11-12
Monday: 50 minutes, 30 minutes
Tuesday: 60 minutes
Wednesday: 50 minutes, 30 minutes
Thursday: 60 minutes
Friday: 50 minutes, 30 minutes
Saturday: 60 minutes
Sunday: Rest

*I'm starting to circuit train. The 40 minutes (or 50 minutes) cardio on Monday, Wednesday and Friday will be 10 minute sessions in between the weight training sets.

Also notice there is a second cardio workout. This is a freestyle session, for instance a DVD, walk in the park, playing basketball with the kids, etc.

After writing this schedule down, it looks kind of intense. I am wondering if I'm over extending myself. I know it's doable but why am I doing this again? Oh yes, Raw Fit Challenge.
I want to have the complete experience of training HARD for a fitness competition on a plant-based (raw foods diet). Right, that's by whyld

Thank you Loulou for passing along the information about Brendan Brazier, a vegan, professional Ironman triathlete.
Thank you also to C for the information on the beautiful Koya Webb.
And I wish you the best on your 100% Raw Challenge.

I have the book "Raw Power" by Stephen Arlin. I have heard some items about Mr. Arlin (now known as Thor Bazler) and I have mixed feeling about this book.
Please share what you might know about Mr. Bazler and the information Raw Power has.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Something's Always in the Works

photo by subwaytree
Don't you know when you already have 5 balls juggling in the air you really shouldn't add another. Unless of course you just finished a juice feast, have tons of raw energy and have a very,very hard head.

Okay, folks. Just when you thought I might be winding down with this blog and paying more attention to the Daily Raw Cafe, there's another goal I want to achieve.

I got to thinking. Actually, I got to reading Angela Stokes' new book "Raw Emotions."
If you don't have it, I would suggest you get it.

It's very insightful and raw (no pun intended) and it makes you think. I enjoy books that take me out of my comfort zone and forces me to think about my life and the direction I want to take it. And Angela's did that for me this weekend.

Okay, Angela's book got me thinking this weekend and my thoughts guided me to weight training and raw foods. Kind of far-fetched, I know.

photo by cutiepielk69
I have also been in communication with a neat woman my mom works with. She has asked me about juice feasting and weight training. I gave her an answer I thought would be best based on my experience.
photo by Nora CarolI thought further and wondered about a diet of raw foods and weight training for women. Does it exist?

During my research, I didn't really find updated information to the subject and pretty much nothing geared to women, raw foods and weights. There is Kathy Feldman but where is she now?

I know my gal pal Kristen was a former competitive bodybuilder in the past but was she raw back in the day? She weight trains now, but competitive? I don't know, I'll have a chat with her soon.

I'm the guinea pig, I am going to do a little experiment. I know my way around a gym. I know that free weights are the way to go compared to machines.

But I am for certain not a weight training person. My workout of choice would be Bikram Yoga and use my body weight over a dumb bell.

Although, I've always admired the fitness bodies that weight training brings but I had never been disciplined enough to go the distance. Until now. Until my "Raw Fit Challenge"

photo by cutiepielk69
I'm going to develop a menu plan and training schedule as if I were going to compete in a Fitness competition in 12 weeks. Who knows I might find one to compete in.

Maybe, I've got to crawl before I walk.
My first instinct is to use the Body for Life exercise program. I've always been amazed at the progress people have made working with that program. So that just might be mine.

My goal in the process is to prove that you can build a competitive fitness body on a raw food diet.

My start date: Monday March 24

I need help! If you are fitness savvy, share. If I'm eating too many calories (or not enough), let me know.

If you simply must know where I'm getting my protein, visit here.

If this is a stupid idea, hold your tongue and take on a "wait and see" attitude.
Wish me luck!


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bishop's Day

Three years ago today I gave birth (via C-section) to a 11 pound 12 ounce baby boy named Bishop.
Today is Bishop's Day.
His dad, youngest sister, Avery, me and Bishop are going to the Denver Zoo and ride the train then we are going to the The Colorado Railroad Museum.

Then this evening, Bishop, his dad and his sister Donavan will make Bishop's birthday cake and we watch America's Next Top Model. Okay, that last part is my plans for the evening.
Speaking of ANTM, Sheba has posted a teaser shot of my photo shoot. It's a very beautiful shot and I'm very pleased. I hope you will like it also. And for the curious if you look through her flickr account you can find more shots.

Happy Birthday Bishop!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy Monday!

photo by Lord V

It has been a week since I took my first bite and two days since I've completed the 6 days of gradually eating solids.
My energy is good (not great like juice feasting), I did my Netfllix workout and had fun.

But today I am kind of teary-eyed.

I miss juice feasting.

I miss the simplicity of what am I going to drink.

I miss the feeling of emptiness, yet feeling satisfied.
Even eating a salad weighs heavy on my tummy. Fruits seem to go right through me.

I've tried green smoothies and they are nice but I'm still hungry after drinking them.

I miss knowing what I'm going to consume for the day. I have no clue what I'm going to eat today.
I enjoy chomping on mung bean sprouts. But I kind of mindlessly eat them. My only saving grace with that is they are low in calories and high in enzymes. Kimchee is cool, also. Stinky though.

I need more time to adjust. I need to figure out what foods will work for me and my health and still leave me satisfied. I'm leaning toward drinking juices during the day and eating a meal in the evening before 7 p.m. I'll experiment with that in the next few weeks.

The photo shoot went really well yesterday. I felt hot and sexy and glamourous. The theme was changed to the 60s.
The make-up artist did a flawless job. We did three different "faces" from natural to extreme make-up.

Sheba did a wonderful job on the photos. The lighting was great, the vibe, I was very comfortable and relaxed. It couldn't have been better.
We listened to Madonna (I know, it's not 1960s music but necessary for having fun and feeling naughty). I had a blast.
I think I've watched enough of America's Next Top Model to know how to work it in front of the camera. LOL, as if that was all that is required. Well, you be the judge. Selected shots will be available for viewing right here and on Sheba's Picture Your World at the end of this month.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I want my, I want my, I want my Seaweed Chowder

Fruit is a bit boring for me.
I want some greens and I am actually tired of juicing them. I want to chew on a big bowl of kale salad or try Courtney's Spirulina Salad (yes, I would totally break down and buy the pricey green powder) or I would love to eat my seaweed chowder. Yummy. Tomorrow, tomorrow. Or maybe I'll break the rules and eat it tonight. ;0

Oh and guess what I bought at the rawluck the other night?
Kelp noodles! How good do they sound with the seaweed chowder? Or maybe I'll make some sort of noodle bowl.

Okay, the colonics. In one word UNEVENTFUL.
Yes, I had debris, poo and such. I even had a few parasites, I've got to get another cleanse. But all in all there was a whole lot that came out. I was expecting massage amounts of crap (excuse the pun) exiting my body. But that didn't happen.

It was a little here, a little there. The colon therapist told me as things were exiting my body what it was but everything looked the same to me.

The poo looked like the parasite which looked like the debris which looked like...well you get it. I also felted very gassy. The therapist gave me handouts to tell me why I might be gassy. I haven't read them yet. But I think it might have to do with eating solids for the first time in 3 months.
So there goes my adventures in colonics. Yeah.

On Today's menu:
1/2 of a huge Honeydew melon (shared with the children)

Reader's Juice Feasting Question

Here is a reader's question I would like to address.

" I am desperate to juicefeast but feel terrified of putting all the weight back on afterwards and making myself very ill as my body will be much more sensitive etc etc ---- You sound as though you are very strong with all that ----would you say take the risk, its worth it? I'm worried abot the impact it'll have on my kids and also desparate to change my health and future."

After I read this, my first thought was 'take weight out of the equation.'

I would be lying if I would say gaining weight isn't a concern for me. I will gain weight back, that's a given. Will I gain it ALL back? Only if I start a diet of huge amounts sugar crack, fleshy animal carcass and intoxicating spirits. I don't see that happening in the future so I think I'm good as gold in the weight department and the fact that I personally have made the decision not to ever weigh myself again. So when I gain some of the weight back (and I will), I will live in the bliss of not knowing how much.

Please don't get caught up in the trap of "How Much Do I Weigh?" I don't know about you but knowing that number opens up a whole world of trouble.

Imagine this: You are looking slim, feeling alive and vibrant and you get on the scale and it tells you a number you don't think is good enough. In your mind it's too high.

You feel deflated. You wonder what happen, why aren't a smaller number?

Having said that, after you embark on a 3 months juice feast your perspective on food could slightly change. I'm not running out to eat a cheeseburger. Yuk!

I feel I have a different attitude when it comes to food. True, I've only ate prunes and fruit but for the first time in life, I've noticed I actually taken the time to chew and savor the flavor of the food.

I wasn't mindlessly reading, or watching TV or playing on the computer. I paid attention to the food and nothing else. It made it more enjoyable.

Food is not something you continue to eat (a huge quantity of) until your belly feels tight and you have to lay down on the couch and take a nap.

Food is fuel and it can be fun and you don't have to over indulge. There's no reason to rush through the process of eating or to eat a massive amount.

Whatever I eat, whether it be raw or cooked, it shall be savored and cherished and eaten with thought and care. That is the main lesson juice feasting has taught me.

I don't know if I'm sensitive to certain foods because of a cleaner digestive system, it's too soon to tell. I do have gas though. More about that when I talk about the colonics.

I do have the need to exercise more. It feels like my body wants to use the energy I just provided it. I don't know if it's all in my head or what.

I don't understand what you are referring to when you talk about " the impact it'll have on my kids" I will ask my children if my juice feasting had a major impact on them. I don't know if it did or didn't.

Maybe it had a bit of impact, my 14-year-old step-son wants to juice feast because he says he wants more energy to play sports.

I guess I bounce off the walls now and he takes notice. But that's all good, I told him to eat more raw first and wait until he's 18 (or older) to juice feast.

If you take anything from this personal message to you dear, lovely reader is. Juice Feasting is an incredible journey (for how ever long you choose) and the outcome shouldn't be if I can maintain a particular weight or size jean.

It should be "How can I FEEL this ALIVE always."

Peace and Love,


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The C- word

photo by solglimit/sungleam
On Today's Menu:
1 quart spinach/celery/carrot
1 quart grapefruit juice
1 quart prune water
8 oz soaked prunes

Do you ever have those days where all you want to do is hang out and smile and laugh and be happy? Today is that day for me.
The Netflix Workout Today:

Billy Blanks: Tae Bo: Cardio Circuit 2
I worked out for the first time since Friday. I had major kick-a** energy. It was great! I loved to be able to move and jump and kick and such.
It was 53 minutes of high -energy. Gotta love that Billy Blanks.

I worked out so hard I was coughing up phlegm. Well, as they say 'better out than in.'

Speaking of "out" I go in for my COLONICS today.

I didn't want to admit it but I'm kind of nervous. Not fearful but kind of hesitant of that unknown. It's not everyday you have someone stick something up your. . . well you get it.
I know I'll be fine. No one has really died from colonics.


I'll let you know about that experience tomorrow. Maybe provide photos. I am so very kidding.

I discovered the impact of juice feasting last night at the Raw Utopia rawluck. There were 8 people in attendence and only ONE person was eating the food.

Everyone else was juice feasting or in my case eating prunes. How fun is that?

Speaking of prunes, Ben Kaelan and Dhammala, asked how I like them.

The soaked prunes don't taste too bad. The texture is just wrong! They are too mushy. ;0

Thank you to:
Stacey, Kathy , Sheba Wheeler , Sarah , Dhammala , Ben Kaelan , Keely , Linda in the Raw and Hanlie for your rawsome comments. You all Rawk!

I was thinking about what to do with this blog now that I'm not juice feasting. I have to give that some thought and I will share that tomorrow as well.

Peace and Love,

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

On Today's Menu:
1 quart lemon water with MSM
1 quart prune water
8 oz prunes
1 quart kale/celery
2 quarts grapefruit/

Terilynn's video

Here we are folks! The video that kicks off my life back to the solid world. Enjoy!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Losing my voice, weight and breaking a feast

On Today's Menu:
2 quarts kale/celery/carrot
1 quart orange juice/MSM
1 quart prune water
8 oz soaked prunes

After a weekend of feeling ill and sleeping all the time, I awoke last night feeling famished. I was really, really hungry. Despite my steady intake of juices I felt like I was starving. Time to soak the prunes.

It is time to move on from my juicy adventures. I had a wonderful time and now I'm ready to bring solids back into my life.

Did I mentioned I have been coughing so hard I've lost my voice? I have a sexy, husky Demi Moore voice. I seem to remember starting my feast back in December with that same voice. I was sick with a cold then also. Strange.
I am sipping my prune water as I type this but I haven't eaten my prunes yet. I would like to do a video (a la Ms. Angela) documenting that experience. That should happen this afternoon and hopefully I'll have it posted tonight or tomorrow. It will be interesting shooting a video with no voice but we shall see. I have some ideas on that one.

I'll go into greater detail about this juice feasting process as time goes on. Truth be told I'm still kind of tired and I think I just might go take a nap.
Who knows I might sleep through this day and not take in solids until tomorrow.

Oh, yes the weigh-in. Well I tempted fate and got on the scale this morning. I hate being weighed, no matter how great you look (and feel) a number will always F*** it up for you.

Which is why I won't be weighing myself anytime soon. Once every 3 months seems to suit me. So that's the plan, next weigh-in: July. If at all.

I will let you know that during this juice feast I lost a total of 47 pounds. Not bad, not bad at all.

Fortunately, I lost it in all the right spots and got to keep my T&A, which will create a very nice photo. Oh, Keely my Diva you are absolutely right with the Cotton Club. My photo shoot is a sexy 1920s inspired theme. I can't wait.

I can't help but to thank all of you again for your continued support during this time of my life. I love you all and everything you own! ;)
Peace and love,
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