Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy Monday!

photo by Lord V

It has been a week since I took my first bite and two days since I've completed the 6 days of gradually eating solids.
My energy is good (not great like juice feasting), I did my Netfllix workout and had fun.

But today I am kind of teary-eyed.

I miss juice feasting.

I miss the simplicity of what am I going to drink.

I miss the feeling of emptiness, yet feeling satisfied.
Even eating a salad weighs heavy on my tummy. Fruits seem to go right through me.

I've tried green smoothies and they are nice but I'm still hungry after drinking them.

I miss knowing what I'm going to consume for the day. I have no clue what I'm going to eat today.
I enjoy chomping on mung bean sprouts. But I kind of mindlessly eat them. My only saving grace with that is they are low in calories and high in enzymes. Kimchee is cool, also. Stinky though.

I need more time to adjust. I need to figure out what foods will work for me and my health and still leave me satisfied. I'm leaning toward drinking juices during the day and eating a meal in the evening before 7 p.m. I'll experiment with that in the next few weeks.

The photo shoot went really well yesterday. I felt hot and sexy and glamourous. The theme was changed to the 60s.
The make-up artist did a flawless job. We did three different "faces" from natural to extreme make-up.

Sheba did a wonderful job on the photos. The lighting was great, the vibe, I was very comfortable and relaxed. It couldn't have been better.
We listened to Madonna (I know, it's not 1960s music but necessary for having fun and feeling naughty). I had a blast.
I think I've watched enough of America's Next Top Model to know how to work it in front of the camera. LOL, as if that was all that is required. Well, you be the judge. Selected shots will be available for viewing right here and on Sheba's Picture Your World at the end of this month.


Sheba Wheeler said...

Teri, you are so amazing, sexy and hot! The photos are FABULOUS and I can't believe I took them! Once all of my friends see these, they are gonna love to do the same thing. It was my first experience shooting like this and you made it fun and easy.

Could you do me a favor and email me a quick testimonial that I can add to my website. You have been a constant support, especially for allowing me to photograph you and your family. I would be honored to include your experiences on my website.

Sarah said...

you are such an inspiration! good for you! have you eaten anything really amazing yet? I think you could still replace a meal or two with some yummy green juice. 4 means to get your greens... congratulations again!!!! can't wait to see the pictures.

Linda in the Raw said...

Isn't it funny? We spend all this time obsessing about food, looking forward to eating again - just to miss juice feasting!! hahaha! You're fab!


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