Friday, February 29, 2008

Feeling sick on Day 91 of my Juice Feast

photo by Kentigern
On Today's Menu:
2 quarts kale/celery/lemon
2 quarts cantaloupe/orange
1 quart orange
Lots and lots of water
For as good as I felt yesterday, I have a cold today. I had a 3-day cold a couple of weeks back. If you were to blink you would have missed it, that's way I didn't mentioned it. I think I might have said I had a sore throat.

My two youngest children had been fighting this virus for a few months now (I guess the whole state of Colorado is doing the same) and they gave it to me, I give it to my husband, my husband gave it back to them and well. . .you know how it goes.

I thought I could avoid it because I was pumping myself with juices but alas, I am feeling under the weather yet again. I'm sure part of it has to do with working out more than normal (twice per day) and not adjusting my juice intake to a higher level. My body is just tired so this weekend I'm going to let it rest. No working out for you, missy. Oh, bummer ;)

Strangely, I still could work out if I choose to, the energy is there. But I've pushed myself with exercise for a few weeks straight now, so I'll let it go for now.

I am thankful for getting sick now. This is an excellent lesson in paying attention to my limations. Just because I have an abundance of energy doesn't mean I should try to use it up. You know what I'm saying?

Before I head out for the weekend, I want to thank you all for your wonderful words of encouragement. You guys are truly rawsome! The love and support you have bestowed upon me has touched me to the core.

Have a blessed day and chat with you on Monday!

Peace and love,


Oh, one more thing. I spoke with Sheba, the wonderful photographer who will be taking pixs of me and we have a theme for the photo shoot. No, nude isn't the theme. But I will share the theme on Monday. I know, I'm bad I'm going to keep you in suspense over the weekend.

Here is a by Yves and Image_seeker

Please feel free to guess what my photo shoot theme is.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

3 months of Juice Feasting!

How wickedly, wonderfully insane is that? 90 days of Juice Feasting. Wow, I can't not believe it. Today is... how does David Wolfe say it? Oh, yes. Today is "THE BEST DAY EVER!"
If you were to ask me a few years back could you imagine yourself going three months without solid foods?' I would have said hecky no!
If you asked me on Dec. 1, 2007, I said "sure" but secretly I was thinking "I'll do my best and let my body decide the rest."

Here I am Dec. 1, 2007 and. . .

here I am Feb. 28, 2008

I feel clean, healthy, alive and I truly blessed to have gone through this wonderful experience. And the best part is it's not quite over.

After this there is nothing I can't handle, no obstacle too great. This is the beginning of many, many "Best Days Ever." Viva Juice Feasting!

photo by Leo Reynolds

On Today's menu:
1 quart lemon water with MSM
2 quarts kale/celery/carrot/hemp oil
2 quarts orange/grapefruit
1 quart coconut water

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Netflix Workout

photo by Black Glenn

I love sharing! I especially love sharing things that inspire me because I hope that you too can find something inspiring in what I share.

Anyhoo. On to the Netflix Workout and no it's not watching movies all day. Although, some days I could easily do that. I enjoy movies.

My inspiration for The Netflix Workout is having limited funds and an abundance of energy. If I had the funds I would continue with my daily Bikram Yoga practice, take dance lessons, Tai Chi and kickboxing. I love to be physical. I love to burn energy.

Okay here is how it works.

If you have a Netflix or Blockbuster home delivery account, in your queue add a variety of workout videos that you might enjoy working out to. Space them apart every 5-7 DVDs.

To start, you should receive one workout video and two movies.

Start working out everyday, every other day, twice a day. That part is up to you but, yes, you do have to actually work out.

When you've watched your movies, return them but keep your workout video and continue to workout.

Only return your current workout video when you get a new one.

You get great workouts and you keep your body guessing on what's coming next which is always good.

My Netflix Workout for today is:

Billy Blanks: Tae Bo: Cardio Circuit 1

This video is a good start for me, it's short (only 37 minutes) and the enthusiastic participants made me realize maybe I don't have as much energy as I thought.

My stepson Kevin asked why I wasn't cheering after each passage like they were and I shot back "What do I have to be cheerful for? I'm being tortured."
I definitely have room to grow. Which is always good.

Tips for Juice feasting on Day 89

photo by usokChoe
On Today's Menu:
2 quarts kale/celery/lemon/hemp oil
2 quarts grapefruit juice
16 oz tea

I'm so excited for the Global Juice Feast on Saturday. I'm very proud to be able to participate in 6 days of the GJF. I'm happy for the tons of people who will have a chance at feeling as grand as I do. It is an experience everyone in the world should try at least once in their life. Really, no joke.

It's not easy at times, but it is worth it.

This has been the greatest thing I have ever did in life. Well, child-birthing might be up there but it's a much different occasion.

I want to share some tips to my fellow juicy feasters that have helped me through this process.

Drink more green juices than fruit juices.

If you are hungry, drink MORE juices.

Listen to whatever your body tells you, it's right.

Skin brush every morning, it starts your day like you wouldn't believe.

If you go through some heavy, duty emotional detoxing. Let that bad boy out. That's why you're feasting, remember?

Don't make weight an issue. You're going to lose weight that's a given. But you might get caught up in the number on a scale and not the overall goal. Weigh yourself at the beginning then the end.


Have fun, there are plenty of those moments

Juice Feast for YOU. Experiment with my tips, what Juice says, your fellow juice feasters. Yes, please try different ways. But, once you find what works for YOU. Go with it and don't stop until you reach your goals.

I'll add to the list as I think of more.
Cathy Asks:
"Are you from Detroit? Did you go to MSU? I swear you look just like an old friend of mine. Your kids are too cute btw. Are they raw? I can hardly get my 4 yr old to sniff a vegetable. But I keep trying."
Nope, I've never been to Detroit. My children are not raw but they do eat their veggies. For you son try serving crudites with a tasty raw dip. Also guacamole and lettuce leaves are a favorite around here.
Peace and Love,

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New Moon in Pisces and Day 88 of Terilynn's Juice Feast

photo by Vi
On Today's Menu:
2 quarts spinach/kale/
2 quarts grapefruit/MSM/
Wheatgrass powder

Deb ask:
"Are you going to keep on feasting till the 7th???"

My answer is...yes, I will be extending my juice feast but just until March 6th. I will take in my first solid on March 7th, the New Moon in Pisces.

For the past month I had been thinking about extending my juice feast because I was enjoying it so much. Since I had worked through my fear of eating issues I feel comfortable in my intention on why extending it would be for me.

David and Katrina graciously took time from their busy schedule to guide me in reasons why I would continue (or not) in my journey. I appreciate them during this time, as others will when they start their juice feast on Saturday.

It is important to me to extend it for a reason that made sense to me and because it felt right. That is why I started juice feasting and was able to complete it this time because it felt right. I noticed the new moon was a short time away from my original end date so I thought that would be a perfect time to eat my first solid. New Moon, New Beginnings.

Over the next few days I will talk more about what the New Moon in Pisces means to me and ending my juice feast and the goals I hope to accomplish with my new lease on life.

I have received a lot of questions about my weight. I still don't know how much I have lost I will weigh the morning of March 7th. I am a bit curious myself.

Also I have a video of my first day of this juice feast. I will get that ready to post sometime next week and I will do a video of my last day of this juice feast.

Thank you all again for your beautiful words that have supported me during this adventure and I look forward to doing the same for you.

Peace and Love,

Monday, February 25, 2008

New Moon, New Beginnings -Day 87 of Terilynn's Juice Feast

photo by selyfriday
It would appear that my 92nd day of my juice feast is this Saturday. That's an interesting fact to note. It is also interesting to note that Friday March 7 is the night of the new moon. Interesting, right? Do you see where I might be headed here?
On Today's Menu:
1 quart lemon water with MSM
2 quarts kale/cucumber/tomatoes
1 quart grapefruit juice/MSM

Day 87 photos

Sunday, February 24, 2008

In the Garden on Day 86 of Terilynn's Juice Feast

by typroga
On Today's Menu:
2 quarts grapefruit juice/MSM
2 quarts spinach/celery/thyme/lemon
2 quarts water
16 oz tea

Zucchinis go here
Feb. 17Feb. 24
Today the weather was pleasant enough to work in the garden. We didn't do anything too major, just cleaned leaves and branches around the area. Do you know who Fred Sandford is?

Well the modern day version of this character would be my beloved husband. From time-to-time he does haul jobs or evictions and he has a tendency to bring home some items. Here are dresser drawers that he has converted into hot boxes to plant seedings until they are able to get into the ground.

Here is a sink he brought home and now it's our official garden center.
My husband couldn't wait for our order to arrive, he bought some seeds.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Day 85 of Terilynn's Juice Feast

photo by yewenyi
On Today's Menu:
2 quarts spinach/celery/Thai Basil/carrots
1 quart grapefruit/MSM
16 oz tea

Friday, February 22, 2008

Being Psychic on Day 84 of Juice Feast

photo by lauralemur
I like going to psychics. I enjoy those rare occasions when I am told specific facts I didn't know. For instance "Colonel Mustard in the Conservatory with the Candlestick."

For the most part, 'I get an elderly man of authority possessing a condiment name in a green room with a wick.'

I truly become overwhelmed with emotion when I visit a psychic. Not because they're telling me something new about me but because they get me at the moment in time.

I have much love for the job psychics do, but 99.9% of the time what I'm told is something I already know about myself.

The most popular observation I receive is: 'you are a creative person whose talent lies within the home.' Who knows? With 12 kids (okay I have only 5) I might throw off that vibe as someone who stays home and raises kids. LOL

I write, create tasty raw recipes and I am a huge homebody. My greatest strength lies within my home, I know this.

It's fascinating to me that a perfect stranger is intuitive enough to get that also. The whole process wouldn't be so amazing if I didn't know that bit of information about myself.

We all know that everyone has psychic abilities, it's just a few who have cultivated their intuitive nature better than most.

I am learning to do that. How? By shutting up and listening.

Taking the time to listen to what my body and mind are trying to tell me and paying attention to the answers their already giving me.

It's that simple and just that difficult. It takes time and patience and the ability to trust that first instinct.

photo by bdwilson
As a side note: I do enjoy reading Tarot cards (the pictures are so inspiring) and I during this juice feast I was studying my Runes, so I do try to cultivate that inner psychic.

photo by Leo Reynolds

On Today's Menu:
1 quart lemon water
2 quarts kale/spinach/celery/lemons
2 quarts grapefruit/orange/MSM

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Day 83 of Terilynn's Juice Feast

photo by mouse
On Today's Menu:
1 quart lemon water with MSM
2 quarts kale/celery/
carrot/hemp oil
1 quart grapefruit/orange/MSM
I wanted to post this question because it kind of made me chuckle a bit at the moment I read it.
A reader asks:
" do you work through the challenge of feeding your kids while still staying on juice yourself??"
My answer:
I'm a bad mommy. I don't feed my children anymore. They feed themselves. I laughed because at the time I was reading your question, my step-son was making burgers for the kids.
Yeah, it's a rare occasion where I cook on a stove. I make the kids salads. Sometimes, I might boil water for rice or noodles and make a pesto sauce or spaghetti sauce.
The raw meals that I make for the Daily Raw Cafe is up for grabs and they are my tasters so they have no choice in eating that but I only have been making raw meals once a week or so.
I'm very lucky, my husband is an excellent cook so he makes sure they are feed. He is very supportive and understands the process I have to go through and he's willing to take on some of my responsibilities.
When I start eating again my goal is to transition the family to a vegan diet with a strong emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pictures on Day 82 of Juice Feast

Day 82

I look alright but I think I am at my best when one of the children are in a photo with me. Their beauty brings me alive.

All Good Things Must Come to An End on Day 82

Before I continue with this post I want to thank you all for reading Inspiration:Life. I want to thank you for offering your support to a goofy lady from Denver who has gone on a journey of a lifetime. Thank you!

Having said that, with much thought and consideration I have decided to. . .shave. Yes, my childhood Madonna fantasy is over. I no longer need to grow my underarm and leg hair to recapture the 80s. And I've got that photo shoot coming up for my husband's b-day and you don't want hairy. . .

What? Did I say something. . . You didn't?. . . you couldn't have?

Did you think I was going somewhere else with that little soliloquy?

I'm sorry if I had a "cry wolf" moment, but I did worn you yesterday I had a flare for the dramatics.

Today's lesson of the day is motivation. What was my motivation for leading you a bit astray?

A bit of background on me, I got my degree in Film with writing/directing emphasis. Now, how good would that passage above be if I were to say that I'm going to shave my legs and underarms today? Boring.

It is my job (and every blog's job) to keep you entertained or else you wouldn't visit. Right? Sure on a daily basis I don't purposely mislead you but I enjoy being a good storyteller. You are my motivation. Keeping you entertained so you will visit me and hang for a hot minute.

I am always curious to know people's motivation. Why someone does or says something particularly out of the norm?

This weekend an acquaintance called me and said she wanted to check in on me to see if I was still starving myself. She was afraid that I had fainted and left the children motherless. Strange.

For a split second I wanted to go off and "school" her in the ways of juice feasting yet AGAIN but then I thought she doesn't know what it's like.

There is no possible way she could. At that moment, drinking a gallon of fresh juices daily wouldn't interest her in the least and so she wouldn't understand the joy (and health) it has brought me. Not saying that juice feasting brings every one this bliss but at least those who realize it wasn't for them had the courage to venture on the journey instead of talking out their a**.

Yet, I still wondered what was her motivation.

Let's move on to a bit of housekeeping.

I haven't discussed my BM really at all. I guess those sorts of things I don't really think about but they possibly could be of interests to someone. Anyhoo, I'm still pooping solids after 82 days and I have a colonics appointment coming up next month so I'm curious to see what more could exit my body. I'll let you know how that goes.

In the next few days (or not) I will go over my the to-do list I had at the beginning of this juice feasting journey to see what I have accomplished (other than juice feasting, not too much) in these past three months.

photo by yeahferris
On Today's Menu for Terilynn's Juice Feast
1 quart lemon water with MSM
3 quarts spinach/zucchini/cucumber/garlic/hemp oil
2 quarts grapefruit/orange
2 quarts water

My throat is still sore so I'm going to see if the garlic doesn't help a bit.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Day 81 of Terilynn's Juice Feast

photo by Leo Reynolds
On Today's Menu:
2 quarts spinach/celery/carrots/hemp oil
3 quarts grapefruit/orange/MSM
20 oz tea with royal jelly and lemon
My sore throat continues. Although, not as bad as yesterday. I feel my body fighting a virus and so I'm a bit tired today. It's funny though I still had the energy to work out for an hour this morning. But my energy faded when it was time to do the laundry. Oh well, exercising is much more fun than laundry anyway.

I also was horse-playing with the children and my 8 year-old daughter commented that I play with them more now than I did before the juice feast. I thought that was cute. I definitely have the energy now to keep up with my lovely rugrats.

If you know me a little by now, I tend to have a flare for the dramatics. So when I say, I have a HUGE announcement to make tomorrow it could mean just about anything from the deadly serious to the mundane. So stay tuned....

Peace and Love,


Juice Feasting Bill Update

Kathy has asked me this:

"In your first few posts, you mentioned that you were going to keep track of the financial aspects of a juice feast. Any comments on that? "

Yes, Kathy I do have a comment on that one. I'm a slacker. My intention was to keep a better blog record of my monies but I started getting into the habit of juicing by the sale items so for some unknown reason I stopped posting the amounts I was spending.

Alas, I did go through the receipts I did save and on average I have been spending around $5-$7 per day of juice feasting.

If you noticed I drink pretty much the same juices everyday. A lot has to do with how I shop. I do purchase lettuces for the family to eat but I don't juice them. I don't like the taste. I think with it being winter the hardier greens suit me better.

I've been a very bad girl and I haven't purchased organic greens in a very long time. I feel the organic gods will strike me down any day now. But that is a burden I must bare.

I purchase what's on sale and I've been lucky to find greens like spinach and kale for .88 cents a bunch and I drink 3 bunches a day and a head of celery, that too has been .88 cents. That is $3.52. That makes me around 2 quarts of green juices. At the beginning of my feast grapefruit was 8 for $1. As you can imagine I was in heaven. An interesting thing, prior to the juice feast I didn't eat or drink grapefruit. It reminded me of ear wax.

Now grapefruits are 4 for $1 and I use about 8 per day so that's $2. it makes about one quart.

Strange how my perception changed when money was involved but I was willing to do anything it took to maintain my feast and my family's funds.

Other items I have included in the mix that have effected the cost from time to time is:
MSM: $4-$5 every two weeks
Pineapple: 2 for $4
Oranges: .69 cents per pound
Carrots: 22-25 pound bag for $15-$17 (carrots last me almost a month) I use around 2-3 carrots just to sweetened up the taste of the green juice
Green Powder: $6-$10 lasts a month
Coconuts: .99 cents each 20 of them will last me 2 weeks. I store these in the garage refrigerator and I forget I bought them. That is the only reason I don't drink coconut water more often.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Day 80 of Terilynn's Juice Feast

On Today's Menu:
2 quarts spinach/celery/carrot/hemp oil
1 quart grapefruit/orange/MSM
16 oz coconut water

Today I have a slight sore throat. No surprise my two youngest have runny noses and my body could have caught something from them. But I have a feeling that with rest I will be fine in the morning. My energy has been wonderful. My husband and I talked garden and the kids and I went to the park. It was a bit chilly and windy but the children had fun nontheless.

What's in Your Garden?

Weeds and junk are in ours. But not for long. We have started our annual "Let's clean up the garden project."

This will be the path the divides the garden in half. It will have stone steps to walk on.
The 2008 Garden Plan:
Phase 1: Putting up the fence: My husband did that last week, I didn't get any pictures of what it looked like before the fence was put up.

Phase 2: Choosing what's going into the garden. We did this last night and this morning. Greens is the name of the game for this garden. A huge variety of greens, I love it.

Phase 3: Tilling the soil. Pull up weeds, getting the soil ready for planting, etc.

Phase 4: Planting the seeds.

Phase 5: Maintaining the garden, pulling weeds, harvesting, etc.

I'm so excited to get my hands in the earth you just don't know. Wow!Here is where all my juice feasting pulp goes...Compost Central. My husband turning over the compost.In this section the Emerald Oakleaf Lettuce, Jericho Romaine Lettuce, Red Looseleaf Lettuce, Runaway Arugula and Arugula.

Cress and Watercress Frisee Endive, Bordeaux Spinach and Springer Spinach and Gros Graines Mache goes here.

Tomatoes, Napolitano Basil, Lemon Basil and Cilantro will grow here.

My Asian greens garden will be here. It includes: Mibuna, Torasan Komatsuna, Tatsoi and Toy Choi Baby Pakchoi. The sunflowers will also go here next to the bird feeder.

Zucchini goes here.Collards, Winter Red Russian Kale, Swiss Chard and Magenta Swiss Chard.Scallions, lots and lots of scallions. On the other side of the yard we will grow our edible flowers, Black Velvet Nasturitiums, Dianthus Mixture and Marigolds. Also the Dill and Spearmint will go here and any greens that won't fit in the main garden area. This area is fairly large. My husband promises to put up a fence here to keep the dogs out and to put a table and chairs for us to hang and enjoy the veggies.
I'll keep you posted every time we make a change. My seeds are coming from Tagawa Gardens and John
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