Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tips for Juice feasting on Day 89

photo by usokChoe
On Today's Menu:
2 quarts kale/celery/lemon/hemp oil
2 quarts grapefruit juice
16 oz tea

I'm so excited for the Global Juice Feast on Saturday. I'm very proud to be able to participate in 6 days of the GJF. I'm happy for the tons of people who will have a chance at feeling as grand as I do. It is an experience everyone in the world should try at least once in their life. Really, no joke.

It's not easy at times, but it is worth it.

This has been the greatest thing I have ever did in life. Well, child-birthing might be up there but it's a much different occasion.

I want to share some tips to my fellow juicy feasters that have helped me through this process.

Drink more green juices than fruit juices.

If you are hungry, drink MORE juices.

Listen to whatever your body tells you, it's right.

Skin brush every morning, it starts your day like you wouldn't believe.

If you go through some heavy, duty emotional detoxing. Let that bad boy out. That's why you're feasting, remember?

Don't make weight an issue. You're going to lose weight that's a given. But you might get caught up in the number on a scale and not the overall goal. Weigh yourself at the beginning then the end.


Have fun, there are plenty of those moments

Juice Feast for YOU. Experiment with my tips, what Juice says, your fellow juice feasters. Yes, please try different ways. But, once you find what works for YOU. Go with it and don't stop until you reach your goals.

I'll add to the list as I think of more.
Cathy Asks:
"Are you from Detroit? Did you go to MSU? I swear you look just like an old friend of mine. Your kids are too cute btw. Are they raw? I can hardly get my 4 yr old to sniff a vegetable. But I keep trying."
Nope, I've never been to Detroit. My children are not raw but they do eat their veggies. For you son try serving crudites with a tasty raw dip. Also guacamole and lettuce leaves are a favorite around here.
Peace and Love,

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