Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Netflix Workout

photo by Black Glenn

I love sharing! I especially love sharing things that inspire me because I hope that you too can find something inspiring in what I share.

Anyhoo. On to the Netflix Workout and no it's not watching movies all day. Although, some days I could easily do that. I enjoy movies.

My inspiration for The Netflix Workout is having limited funds and an abundance of energy. If I had the funds I would continue with my daily Bikram Yoga practice, take dance lessons, Tai Chi and kickboxing. I love to be physical. I love to burn energy.

Okay here is how it works.

If you have a Netflix or Blockbuster home delivery account, in your queue add a variety of workout videos that you might enjoy working out to. Space them apart every 5-7 DVDs.

To start, you should receive one workout video and two movies.

Start working out everyday, every other day, twice a day. That part is up to you but, yes, you do have to actually work out.

When you've watched your movies, return them but keep your workout video and continue to workout.

Only return your current workout video when you get a new one.

You get great workouts and you keep your body guessing on what's coming next which is always good.

My Netflix Workout for today is:

Billy Blanks: Tae Bo: Cardio Circuit 1

This video is a good start for me, it's short (only 37 minutes) and the enthusiastic participants made me realize maybe I don't have as much energy as I thought.

My stepson Kevin asked why I wasn't cheering after each passage like they were and I shot back "What do I have to be cheerful for? I'm being tortured."
I definitely have room to grow. Which is always good.

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Ben Kaelan said...

I'm procrastinating doing yoga but I wanted to come thank you personally for your support yesterday. Thanks for taking the time to let me know that what I was going through was something you've gone through as well. :)

- Ben

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