Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Finding my Mojo on Day 40

Leo Reynolds

There is another woman emerging within. This person isn’t good or bad, just different than before. She is who I am becoming. There is a bit less forgiveness in my existence. And I don’t mean I am not able to forgive, just that I won’t excuse the same old bullshit that happens.

I won’t accept things that are wrong as something right. I have the option to pick and choose my battles with the realization that not all battles are worth fighting for.

I feel I deserve more in life and for some reason I hadn’t really realized it before. I should never have thought the sky couldn’t be the limit. All is possible, I trust that now.

I refuse to settle for comfortable or easy just because that‘s how I have been living. Give me messy and complicated from now on.

I am ready to fight for what I believe in. I am ready to discard those ideas, habits, actions and people who can’t (or won’t) accept that fact. And that’s okay, if I for some reason offend you now, you can learn to love me or you can go away.

How in the world can I expect something different to happen in my life, a different result, while engaging in the same type of behavior?

It can’t happen. There can’t be growth. I want to strengthen my resolve, I want to soar to bigger and better opportunities and I want to reach my full potential.

Day 40 in 2008

I am going to do a video around Day 50-60. If you have any questions or comments about juice feasting, raw foods, The Daily Raw Café, life on planet Earth as we know it, etc., please feel free to write to thedailyraw@yahoo.com and I will address them on the video.
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