Monday, February 18, 2008

What's in Your Garden?

Weeds and junk are in ours. But not for long. We have started our annual "Let's clean up the garden project."

This will be the path the divides the garden in half. It will have stone steps to walk on.
The 2008 Garden Plan:
Phase 1: Putting up the fence: My husband did that last week, I didn't get any pictures of what it looked like before the fence was put up.

Phase 2: Choosing what's going into the garden. We did this last night and this morning. Greens is the name of the game for this garden. A huge variety of greens, I love it.

Phase 3: Tilling the soil. Pull up weeds, getting the soil ready for planting, etc.

Phase 4: Planting the seeds.

Phase 5: Maintaining the garden, pulling weeds, harvesting, etc.

I'm so excited to get my hands in the earth you just don't know. Wow!Here is where all my juice feasting pulp goes...Compost Central. My husband turning over the compost.In this section the Emerald Oakleaf Lettuce, Jericho Romaine Lettuce, Red Looseleaf Lettuce, Runaway Arugula and Arugula.

Cress and Watercress Frisee Endive, Bordeaux Spinach and Springer Spinach and Gros Graines Mache goes here.

Tomatoes, Napolitano Basil, Lemon Basil and Cilantro will grow here.

My Asian greens garden will be here. It includes: Mibuna, Torasan Komatsuna, Tatsoi and Toy Choi Baby Pakchoi. The sunflowers will also go here next to the bird feeder.

Zucchini goes here.Collards, Winter Red Russian Kale, Swiss Chard and Magenta Swiss Chard.Scallions, lots and lots of scallions. On the other side of the yard we will grow our edible flowers, Black Velvet Nasturitiums, Dianthus Mixture and Marigolds. Also the Dill and Spearmint will go here and any greens that won't fit in the main garden area. This area is fairly large. My husband promises to put up a fence here to keep the dogs out and to put a table and chairs for us to hang and enjoy the veggies.
I'll keep you posted every time we make a change. My seeds are coming from Tagawa Gardens and John


Rediscover Raw Food said...

Help, Terilynn! We thought we'd be moving soon, but now that we're not, I desperately want to put in something of a garden. Unfortunately, I don't have so much as a windowsill herb garden. I grew up helping my grandparents in their veggie gardens, but that was long ago and under vastly different circumstances. I get lots of greens in my CSA basket, but want to use my backyard for something other than grass. Any tips on what to plant, a book to read, a good website for info? Help!

B said...

Ahh...sounds like paradise!

xx raw b

Terilynn said...

We use Sunset's Western Garden Book for reference. This is our third year gardening so we kind of know what we would like to grow. For instance we're not doing carrots because they take too long and we don't get a whole lot. Greens do really well. The biggest thing is keeping the weeds under control. No worries, each time I work in the garden I will update the section and post my experience with it.

Hanlie said...

We live in the city and have a very small garden, but I'm also thinking of converting it into a vegetable patch. On Sunday we bought a composter for all the pulp I'm generating, and that will be my Phase 1 - preparing the soil. I'm so excited!

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