Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Juice Feasting Bill Update

Kathy has asked me this:

"In your first few posts, you mentioned that you were going to keep track of the financial aspects of a juice feast. Any comments on that? "

Yes, Kathy I do have a comment on that one. I'm a slacker. My intention was to keep a better blog record of my monies but I started getting into the habit of juicing by the sale items so for some unknown reason I stopped posting the amounts I was spending.

Alas, I did go through the receipts I did save and on average I have been spending around $5-$7 per day of juice feasting.

If you noticed I drink pretty much the same juices everyday. A lot has to do with how I shop. I do purchase lettuces for the family to eat but I don't juice them. I don't like the taste. I think with it being winter the hardier greens suit me better.

I've been a very bad girl and I haven't purchased organic greens in a very long time. I feel the organic gods will strike me down any day now. But that is a burden I must bare.

I purchase what's on sale and I've been lucky to find greens like spinach and kale for .88 cents a bunch and I drink 3 bunches a day and a head of celery, that too has been .88 cents. That is $3.52. That makes me around 2 quarts of green juices. At the beginning of my feast grapefruit was 8 for $1. As you can imagine I was in heaven. An interesting thing, prior to the juice feast I didn't eat or drink grapefruit. It reminded me of ear wax.

Now grapefruits are 4 for $1 and I use about 8 per day so that's $2. it makes about one quart.

Strange how my perception changed when money was involved but I was willing to do anything it took to maintain my feast and my family's funds.

Other items I have included in the mix that have effected the cost from time to time is:
MSM: $4-$5 every two weeks
Pineapple: 2 for $4
Oranges: .69 cents per pound
Carrots: 22-25 pound bag for $15-$17 (carrots last me almost a month) I use around 2-3 carrots just to sweetened up the taste of the green juice
Green Powder: $6-$10 lasts a month
Coconuts: .99 cents each 20 of them will last me 2 weeks. I store these in the garage refrigerator and I forget I bought them. That is the only reason I don't drink coconut water more often.


Ben Kaelan said...

Wow... I can't believe this can be done. I'm spending about 22 to 30$/day on juice feasting... and that doesn't include supplements. I'm buying pretty much everything organic though, and while I try to be frugal, kale and collard greens are the cheapest organic greens right now, and they're 2.49$/bunch. I honestly think I would have quit my second job by now had I not been juice feasting! LOL.

Terilynn said...


I wish I could purchase more organics but I had to make the decision pretty early on for myself which was more important juice feasting or juice feasting organic. Congrats on Day 37!

Peace and love,

Kathy said...

Terilynn, I'm glad to hear that it will not be such a financial burden (at least I hope it won't be in my case either). I know your earlier posts, you were concerned about it too!

Thanks so much for addressing this issue! Your blog is definitely an inspiration!!!

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