Monday, March 31, 2008

Week 2 of Building a Raw Body

photo by mogh_ip

Today was a productive day. I had a really great workout, it was kind of late (1 p.m.) in the day for me but great all the same.

I found a new and fun site to get weight training information from. It's called Shape Fit. It has free workouts, menus, videos and such. Check it out when you get a minute.

I am getting less and less sore after workouts. I'm fairly sure it is because of the MSM and my body is adapting pretty well to the weight training.

The only thing that I'm really noticing is I need to try to get more stretching into the mix. I do feel a bit tight in the muscles. I miss my hot yoga, maybe in the next few weeks I can get my ducks in a row.

This week I work my lower body twice and my upper body once. I will work the abs on my cardio days.

I will post my new exercises some time this week. I will continue with the pyramid format, it works well for me.

Life at home is still on shaky ground but I suppose getting better. Who am I kidding? It sucks and my husband and I fake contentment fairly well.

We are at the stage where we don't talk about what has happened in the past week and hope it fades into thin air instead of festering into the woodwork. What I wouldn't give for a treadmill right now.

Peace and love,

On the Menu:
8A: 1 quart lemon water with MSM

11:30A: 1 quart green smoothie (spinach/celery/bananas/hemp protein powder/bee pollen)

3:30P: large salad (green leaf lettuce/scallions/jalapeno/hemp protein powder/lemon/olive oil with chickpea fritters.

4:30P: Lara Bar

6P: 1 quart green smoothie (spinach/celery/bananas/orange/hemp protein powder/bee pollen)

Weight Training -Lower body

DB Squats: 15/10; 12/12; 10/15; 8/20; 15/15
Leg Presses: 15/90

Straight-Leg Deadlifts: 15/12; 12/15; 10/20; 8/25; 15/15
DB Lunges: 15/10

Seated Calf Press: 15/90

20 minutes running on treadmill

45 minutes walking in the park with daughters


The Barber Bunch said...

Congrats on being a Blog of Note.

I love that Tulip picture!


Richard Laplante said...

I wish I had your discipline to exercise. Good on you and keep up the good workout.

Coach BLISS said...

Kudos to you ! I love your determination. I see you are putting 'The Four Agreements' to good use.

Elaine Cooke said...

Hi Terilynn, I loved the picture of the rows and rows of tulips. Elaine Cooke

Gene said...

Good stuff you have here =)

Roshill said...

Think some one is doing a good job at it unlike me i need to get on diet soon can you help me how should i start?... I mean does it really barge into your schedule

N4T said...

congrats of being blog of note.. very nice blog with good information and soothing color scheme....

visit my blogs also thank you.

jyotsana said...

such a lovely blog. great to look at.not much of a fitness freak myself but lovd to read whatever u r doing. flowers left me fresh.

Miss Happy said...

Congratulations of being a Blog Of Note! Check out my blog sometimes at:

Hennie Grove said...

Hey Terilynn.

Congratulations on being a blog of note. Your blog looks really nice and I'm certain it will do very well in the future.

I usually don’t check out the blogs of note, but when I saw one about inspiration I just knew I had to see what was going on here. I recently started my own new blog also. It doesn't have a lot of content on yet as I'm holding back a bit till it finally gets indexed by Google, but hopefully it will be as nice as yours soon. At first I wanted it to be a general blog so I can just blog about “stuff”. But it took about two posts to realize that what constitutes general stuff in my life entails finding inspiration, success and ultimately happiness. It is great how you can realize the most basic of things just by writing. You can sometimes find yourself in a single sentence or paragraph, realizing things you haven’t found out about yourself even though you have been getting to know yourself your entire life!

I haven't read everything on your blog yet, just something here and there. None the less, your writing is captivating and the passion for what you right really shines through.

It's good to see a woman not shy away from weight training. It seems to me sometimes that women think they will look like giant bodybuilders the moment they touch weights. This is certainly a myth as being a bodybuilder takes specific dieting, training etc. You get the best results for sculpting a beautiful body when you incorporate weight training as well as cardio in your training program. All women who want truly beautiful bodies and who want to feel as healthy as possible should be encouraged to try this!

It's perfectly natural for your muscles to be a bit sore afte the first couple of workouts. It will get better, trust me. I go to the gym five times a week for weightlifting and it really is amazing how fast your muscles seem to strengten and adapt to the new uses it is put to. I also play lots of squash with my friends to get a good, fun cardio workout as frequently as possible.

Going to the gym will do wonders for your personal life. It looks like your personal life is not exactly what it is supposed to be right now. With the right attitude from your side and by focusing on your own improvement, your life is bound to be restored to the greatness it is supposed to have. Everyone goes through rough patches every now and then (sometimes more now than then!), but none the less it is amazing to see how happy people can become again even when all hope for them seemed lost at one stage or another. I don’t want to give advice, all I am trying to say is hang in there!

All the best for your blog in the future. Hope you sort out whatever the problem in your personal life might be right now so you can be a whole human being once again.

All the best
Hennie Grove
South Africa

Mr. TalkSheet said...

Nice blog...

i love to read all your post, its very informational...

Hope you can visit my blog sometime

See you around...


I love all of your blogs - seeing what you're eating is quite interesting as I'm supposed to be on a diet right now but I'm failing miserably! Congrats on being a blog of note


Your recipes are amazing, by the way

jas3ki said...

good post!

Bob said...

Im inspired by your strict adherance to a healthy regimen. most of us wont go as far as a week.

Life is not all rosy i agree with you but its people like you that make us have some hope in living healthy

great work

luckysanjana said...

Hello there
this is my second day on blogspot and i m only just getting around. i saw you blog on inspirational blogs and wow i must say what hot pictures you have posted. cant help asking with that kind of a body why do you exercise . never mind don tbother answering. but seriously how do you maitain such a tight schedule and more important how do you survive on those smoothies???

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