Monday, March 31, 2008

Thank You!

Hello everyone! My name is Terilynn and welcome to my personal blog Inspiration:Life. I also write The Daily Raw Cafe, (Blogs of Note, October 2007) a living foods uncooking blog.

I want to thank the lovely folks at Blogger for choosing Inspiration:Life for a "blog of note". It is quite an honor that they have chosen not one but two of my blogs to feature in less than a year's time. That is totally rawsome!

I want to show my love and devotion to the readers who check in on me from time to time to read about my adventures in juice feasting and the raw lifestyle. I appreciate you.

To all the new visitors, I hope you enjoy my life as much as I do. Well, I don't always enjoy my life, but I'll let you know about those times.

Here's a quick guide to help you get up to speed.

Photo Gallery (Before and After photos)
Photo shoot after the juice feast

Have fun and find inspiration in everything you do.
Peace and love,


Oberon said... something's time to change the are fabulous.

Daria said...

Congrats, Terilyn (nice name!) - I'm always happy whenever I have a chance to meet another health-conscious person and it's good to know that there are more humans like that every day. Really nice blog, keep it going! :)

C. Marie Byars said...

You popped up on the "blogs of note." Five kids. Wow! I was one of five, but my mom mostly complained about how we ruined her figure---she was a little hard-wired by nature towards anxiety & mild depression & had disappointments with my dad, so she, sadly, missed out on much of the joy (and self-congratulations!) she could have had as a mother of 5 and grandmother of 6 and great-grandmother of 2! Oh, well, you seem to enjoy life, anyway!

Mina Jade said...

I wanted to send my comment to this post and not the other (the next one).
So, I do think it is funny of you to say "I hope you enjoy my life as much as I do. Well, I don't always enjoy my life" - I am a new visitor and I like the style of your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hello Terilynn, I think your blog is very uncommon, but it's interesting for some people as I discover it on Blogs Of Note !
Anyway, I like your design from finalsense.

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Keep up the good work.

aphotog said...

You look beautiful already, You don't need to lose weight, but good luck to you since you want to....I tried your eating regimine, can't do it. I am eating more veggies though..looove broccoli

Terilynn said...


thank you for your kind words. I'm not trying to lose weight. Quite the opposite, I'm trying to gain muscle eating a living foods diet.

radhika said...

Hi, I am Radhika. I am new to blogging and have started few days back. I was really impressed with your blog and would really appreciate if u vist my blog and post few comments. Please visit and give any feedbcak you wish to. Thanks

chambilkethakur said...

cong for makin it to blog of note.

Genny Heikka said...

Inspirational. Five kids and a raw diet? That's awesome.

Anonymous said...

beautiful blog, I loved the pictures. I don't know what your goals are with the raw foods diet, but I hope it all works out. Keep on blogging because this is special.

Gaye said...

Hello... I like your page very real and inspirational too!

Latasha said...

Hi Terilyn! My name is Latasha, and I am quite new to blogging, but I must say, I like your blog. Though I am not as health conscious as you, I do believe in eating natural and whole foods. In fact, I was just posting a comment on natural cures and eating healthy in my blog when I happened to browse through the other blogs and see yours under the notable blogs. So God bless you and your family and keep up the good work! I would definitely appreciate a little health advice from you one of these days. I don't do any working out right now except walking and all that housework requires (I am 7.5 months pregnant), but I do manage to take vitamins, shakes, and eat right (as right as can be expected for a woman who has the usual not-so-usual cravings).

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