Monday, March 17, 2008

Something's Always in the Works

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Don't you know when you already have 5 balls juggling in the air you really shouldn't add another. Unless of course you just finished a juice feast, have tons of raw energy and have a very,very hard head.

Okay, folks. Just when you thought I might be winding down with this blog and paying more attention to the Daily Raw Cafe, there's another goal I want to achieve.

I got to thinking. Actually, I got to reading Angela Stokes' new book "Raw Emotions."
If you don't have it, I would suggest you get it.

It's very insightful and raw (no pun intended) and it makes you think. I enjoy books that take me out of my comfort zone and forces me to think about my life and the direction I want to take it. And Angela's did that for me this weekend.

Okay, Angela's book got me thinking this weekend and my thoughts guided me to weight training and raw foods. Kind of far-fetched, I know.

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I have also been in communication with a neat woman my mom works with. She has asked me about juice feasting and weight training. I gave her an answer I thought would be best based on my experience.
photo by Nora CarolI thought further and wondered about a diet of raw foods and weight training for women. Does it exist?

During my research, I didn't really find updated information to the subject and pretty much nothing geared to women, raw foods and weights. There is Kathy Feldman but where is she now?

I know my gal pal Kristen was a former competitive bodybuilder in the past but was she raw back in the day? She weight trains now, but competitive? I don't know, I'll have a chat with her soon.

I'm the guinea pig, I am going to do a little experiment. I know my way around a gym. I know that free weights are the way to go compared to machines.

But I am for certain not a weight training person. My workout of choice would be Bikram Yoga and use my body weight over a dumb bell.

Although, I've always admired the fitness bodies that weight training brings but I had never been disciplined enough to go the distance. Until now. Until my "Raw Fit Challenge"

photo by cutiepielk69
I'm going to develop a menu plan and training schedule as if I were going to compete in a Fitness competition in 12 weeks. Who knows I might find one to compete in.

Maybe, I've got to crawl before I walk.
My first instinct is to use the Body for Life exercise program. I've always been amazed at the progress people have made working with that program. So that just might be mine.

My goal in the process is to prove that you can build a competitive fitness body on a raw food diet.

My start date: Monday March 24

I need help! If you are fitness savvy, share. If I'm eating too many calories (or not enough), let me know.

If you simply must know where I'm getting my protein, visit here.

If this is a stupid idea, hold your tongue and take on a "wait and see" attitude.
Wish me luck!



Rediscover Raw Food said...

Hey! FYI Koya Webb competed on American Gladiator and she's a raw foodie. Look her up, if you dare. LOL!

Terilynn said...

She was one of the first I went to but her website isn't up to date. She is a friend on GITMR, I'll send her a message.

loulou said...

Awesome! Way to go, Terilynn. Looking forward to following your progress. My tuppenceworth is check out raw vegan triathlete Brendan Brazier regarding calorific intake and strenght trianing on raw. Good luck with your new challenge!

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