Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Raw Fit Training Schedule

photo by Erinsworld
I will track my progress throughout the twelve weeks.

I will bite the bullet and do the weigh-in and body fat percentage and the measurements on a regular basis. I think they are important aspects of keeping things in check.

On Friday, I'll get my city recreation card so I'll have access to a gym that is close to home.

photo by Lollyknit

I did go the Body for Life training schedule route mainly because I enjoy pyramid training. It makes me feel physically stronger.

Here is my (tentative) training schedule. I increased the repetitions. Look it over and tell me what you think.

Training Split
Weeks 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11
Monday: Upper Body
Wednesday: Lower Body
Friday: Upper Body

Weeks 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12
Monday: Lower Body
Wednesday: Upper Body
Friday: Lower Body
The exercises will be rotated, so I will do a different exercises every two weeks.
Tomorrow I will post a list of exercises I will have to choose from.

Upper Body

Lower Body

Repetitions: 15, 12, 10, 8, 15, 15

Weeks 1-2
Monday: 20 minutes
Tuesday: 30 minutes
Wednesday: 20 minutes
Thursday: 30 minutes
Friday: 20 minutes
Saturday: 30 minutes
Sunday: Rest

Weeks 3-4
Monday: 25 minutes
Tuesday: 35 minutes
Wednesday: 25 minutes
Thursday: 35 minutes
Friday: 25 minutes
Saturday: 35 minutes
Sunday: Rest
Weeks 5-6
Monday: 30 minutes
Tuesday: 40 minutes
Wednesday: 30 minutes
Thursday: 40 minutes
Friday: 30 minutes
Saturday: 40 minutes
Sunday: Rest

Weeks 7-8
Monday: 35 minutes
Tuesday: 45 minutes
Wednesday: 35 minutes
Thursday: 45 minutes
Friday: 35 minutes
Saturday: 45 minutes
Sunday: Rest

Weeks 9-10
Monday: 40 minutes, 20 minutes*
Tuesday: 50 minutes
Wednesday: 40 minutes, 20 minutes
Thursday: 50 minutes
Friday: 40 minutes, 20 minutes
Saturday: 50 minutes
Sunday: Rest

Weeks 11-12
Monday: 50 minutes, 30 minutes
Tuesday: 60 minutes
Wednesday: 50 minutes, 30 minutes
Thursday: 60 minutes
Friday: 50 minutes, 30 minutes
Saturday: 60 minutes
Sunday: Rest

*I'm starting to circuit train. The 40 minutes (or 50 minutes) cardio on Monday, Wednesday and Friday will be 10 minute sessions in between the weight training sets.

Also notice there is a second cardio workout. This is a freestyle session, for instance a DVD, walk in the park, playing basketball with the kids, etc.

After writing this schedule down, it looks kind of intense. I am wondering if I'm over extending myself. I know it's doable but why am I doing this again? Oh yes, Raw Fit Challenge.
I want to have the complete experience of training HARD for a fitness competition on a plant-based (raw foods diet). Right, that's it.photo by whyld

Thank you Loulou for passing along the information about Brendan Brazier, a vegan, professional Ironman triathlete.
Thank you also to C for the information on the beautiful Koya Webb.
And I wish you the best on your 100% Raw Challenge.

I have the book "Raw Power" by Stephen Arlin. I have heard some items about Mr. Arlin (now known as Thor Bazler) and I have mixed feeling about this book.
Please share what you might know about Mr. Bazler and the information Raw Power has.


ami said...

hi! this project sounds like big fun to me! my name is ami, i've been a raw vegan for 13 days and i'm in week six of a 16 week marathon training course. i've been blogging about it and also researching the same people that you mentioned. good luck with every thing! i'm excited to stay tuned!

Rediscover Raw Food said...

I LOVE that you're doing this! I guess we'll all be Raw fitness guinea pigs. Seriously, Americans (and black folks in particular) can really use more role models of health and fitness. Good luck with everything!

Kristy said...

Sounds like an amazing regimen. Looking forward to following along and joining you.

Terilynn said...


Where are you blogging at? Please share, I would love to see your progress.

Aren't we though (all guniea pigs). Thank you for the well wishes from both you and Kristy.


silvergirlette said...

hey terrilynn

are you going to enter the Body for Life challenge too?? :) I used to follow the body for life approach a few years back, and actually that is why i moved from eating vegetarian to eating meat again, becos of bill's requirement to have 6 small protein meals a day! i am very interested to see how you go with it, doing the raw vegan thang!!


Terilynn said...


The Body for Life challenge requires that you use their supplemental products and I'm not going there. I will be using raw vegan supplements.


Keely said...

You have been TAGGED!!! If you were already tagged, you can ignore this tag. Otherwise... YOU'RE IT!!!

The rules are on my blog! [grin]

You can "play" on either of your blogs.

Ami said...


i blog at heartshapedsky.vox.com. thanks for asking. i've been posting what i eat and little bits of my workouts. i need to get my body circumference measurements and body fat percentage done because i've already lost a few pounds eating raw and i don't want to loose my muscles!!

Ami said...

i spelled your name wrong, i'm sorry!

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