Monday, March 3, 2008

Losing my voice, weight and breaking a feast

On Today's Menu:
2 quarts kale/celery/carrot
1 quart orange juice/MSM
1 quart prune water
8 oz soaked prunes

After a weekend of feeling ill and sleeping all the time, I awoke last night feeling famished. I was really, really hungry. Despite my steady intake of juices I felt like I was starving. Time to soak the prunes.

It is time to move on from my juicy adventures. I had a wonderful time and now I'm ready to bring solids back into my life.

Did I mentioned I have been coughing so hard I've lost my voice? I have a sexy, husky Demi Moore voice. I seem to remember starting my feast back in December with that same voice. I was sick with a cold then also. Strange.
I am sipping my prune water as I type this but I haven't eaten my prunes yet. I would like to do a video (a la Ms. Angela) documenting that experience. That should happen this afternoon and hopefully I'll have it posted tonight or tomorrow. It will be interesting shooting a video with no voice but we shall see. I have some ideas on that one.

I'll go into greater detail about this juice feasting process as time goes on. Truth be told I'm still kind of tired and I think I just might go take a nap.
Who knows I might sleep through this day and not take in solids until tomorrow.

Oh, yes the weigh-in. Well I tempted fate and got on the scale this morning. I hate being weighed, no matter how great you look (and feel) a number will always F*** it up for you.

Which is why I won't be weighing myself anytime soon. Once every 3 months seems to suit me. So that's the plan, next weigh-in: July. If at all.

I will let you know that during this juice feast I lost a total of 47 pounds. Not bad, not bad at all.

Fortunately, I lost it in all the right spots and got to keep my T&A, which will create a very nice photo. Oh, Keely my Diva you are absolutely right with the Cotton Club. My photo shoot is a sexy 1920s inspired theme. I can't wait.

I can't help but to thank all of you again for your continued support during this time of my life. I love you all and everything you own! ;)
Peace and love,


B said...

Congratulations on breaking your feast! And 47lbs is quite impressive. I hope with the addition of solid foods your health speeds back into full recovery. It has been discipline to follow feast breaking protocol for us, but worth it. My digestive system is working like clockwork and I feel great. After 57 days JFing, I can't seem to get enough seaweed--dulse is my new favorite food.

All the best to you, and thanks for sharing your experience,
raw b

loulou said...

hey terilynn, congrats on making it so far. the weight loss is fabulous too (i hope i lose that much!) your blog has been so inspiring. thanks so much for sharing your experience.

Anonymous said...

yay! good for you. i hope you feel better.

David and Katrina Rainoshek said...


Congratulations!! You have had an epically wonderful Feast, and are a radiant shining example!!

You glow girl!! Oh, and congratulation on keeping your T&A, very good.

With all our love,

David and Katrina

Keely said...

So... do we get to see these sexy Cotton Club pictures when they are done??? [grin]

Penni in Tulsa said...

You are to be praised, sister!! I am loving your progress and good for you for deciding to go ahead and end your listened to what your body was saying and won't it be exciting to eat those prunes?! The weight loss of 47 pounds is just phenomenal! I hope to lose about 30 to 35, so you have given me an extra measure of encouragement!

With Total Respect...

Terilynn said...


I'll share as many photos as I can. This blog is rated PG after all. I probably won't share until after March 23 (the hubbie's b-day)though.

David and Katrina,

Thank you. Someone asked me if I would have done anything different from your program, my answer: absolutely NOT. It works and I wouldn't change a thing. It's not easy at times but neither is life and it has a bunch of rewards. Thank you for your contribution to the raw world and to my life.

Peace and love

Penni, b and loulou,
The weight loss was a total shock to me. I was very surprised. I also made the decision to toss the scale. I lived three months w/o it so it's not necessary to measure how good I feel.

You are the cutest thing! Stay sweet!


Neeta said...

terilynn, congrats, what a beautiful journey....
thank you very much for sharing it and being a source of true inspiration for us all.....
with love and sunshine from india,
xxx neeta

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