Thursday, March 20, 2008

On the Menu

Slowly but surely, I'm sharing the photos from the photo shoot. The shots below are the behind the scene pixs. That day was a good day.

On Monday, I'll share the bulk of photos.

I'm taking the rest of the week and weekend off from blogging. It's my oldest daughter's and my husband's birthday's this weekend so it will be busy. I hope you all have a great weekend and I'll chat with you on Monday! HAPPY EASTER!
I found a great resource for raw bodybuilding at Vegan Bodybuilding. The site is very informative and the forum is very helpful and supportive.

I am having a bit of trouble with deciding on whether or not I want to weigh. I thought I could do it, but I have had so many issues in the past with my relationship with the scale.

I don't want past demons to return and haunt me.

I realize weight and body fat percentage is an important marker in the bodybuilding community but is it really necessary for what I'm doing?

My instinct tells me to just take measurements once a week and go by my clothing size. Which haven't changed since breaking my feast. I will think more about it over the weekend.

I will eat 6-7 mini meals, whether they be juices, smoothies, salads, etc.
Eat about every 2-3 hours, just like in my juice feast I will set the timer to make sure I'm eating.
Drink 3-4 quarts water per day

I am not going to worry about if I'm eating enough protein, if I consistently eat my green leafy vegetables, I have no doubt that I'll get my protein in.

Here is a brief list of items I will consume during the Raw Fit Challenge.

Majority of my diet will be from...
Greens (lots and lots of spinach, kale, wild greens, etc.,)
Seaweed products

A fair of amount of...
Not too much...
Fats (avocados, nuts, seeds, etc)

Hemp Protein Powder
Raw Power Powder
Goji Berries
Chia Seeds

photos by Sheba Wheeler


Wendi Dee said...

Ooh!!! You are RAWkin HOT!! It looks like you had a fun time with the photo shoot and I look forward to seeing more of the pics! :-)

Thanks for sharing!

Lots of love to you and have a great time while on break from the Net!


Ami said...

when i was working for a boot camp fitness company and our clients didn't want to weigh in i'd always encourage circumference measurements. it can be fun to watch those numbers change! best of luck deciding!

Terilynn said...

Wendi dee,

My husband loved the pictures. His b-day is on Sunday but I couldn't wait. I was too excited.

I'm so addicted to the Net, I couldn't even spend a few hours away. But I promise this is the last thing I do before getting off and shutting down the computer. Have a great Easter!

Ami, thanks for the tip. I think I might buy a measuring tape and record inches instead of poundage.


Kathy said...

The pictures are absolutely beautiful! Have fun with your newest adventure!

Anonymous said...

this is a wonderful site
good luck!

Disclaimer: This site is for informational purposes only. The author is not a medical doctor or trained nutritionist and is not responsible for any consequences regarding your use or intended use of any information provided on this site. Always check with your medical professional or trained nutritionist before making any changes to your diet or lifestyle regarding your health.