Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The C- word

photo by solglimit/sungleam
On Today's Menu:
1 quart spinach/celery/carrot
1 quart grapefruit juice
1 quart prune water
8 oz soaked prunes

Do you ever have those days where all you want to do is hang out and smile and laugh and be happy? Today is that day for me.
The Netflix Workout Today:

Billy Blanks: Tae Bo: Cardio Circuit 2
I worked out for the first time since Friday. I had major kick-a** energy. It was great! I loved to be able to move and jump and kick and such.
It was 53 minutes of high -energy. Gotta love that Billy Blanks.

I worked out so hard I was coughing up phlegm. Well, as they say 'better out than in.'

Speaking of "out" I go in for my COLONICS today.

I didn't want to admit it but I'm kind of nervous. Not fearful but kind of hesitant of that unknown. It's not everyday you have someone stick something up your. . . well you get it.
I know I'll be fine. No one has really died from colonics.


I'll let you know about that experience tomorrow. Maybe provide photos. I am so very kidding.

I discovered the impact of juice feasting last night at the Raw Utopia rawluck. There were 8 people in attendence and only ONE person was eating the food.

Everyone else was juice feasting or in my case eating prunes. How fun is that?

Speaking of prunes, Ben Kaelan and Dhammala, asked how I like them.

The soaked prunes don't taste too bad. The texture is just wrong! They are too mushy. ;0

Thank you to:
Stacey, Kathy , Sheba Wheeler , Sarah , Dhammala , Ben Kaelan , Keely , Linda in the Raw and Hanlie for your rawsome comments. You all Rawk!

I was thinking about what to do with this blog now that I'm not juice feasting. I have to give that some thought and I will share that tomorrow as well.

Peace and Love,


loulou said...

hey Terilynn, you juicy goddess, you. Before you decide to chuck this blog cos you've done with the juicefeast, can I ask you to stick around until you're back on a 'normal' diet? I'd love to know if the 93 days have shifted your cravings and desires, how you respond to food, what it's like to eat solids again? Oh so many questions! Please? Pretty please?
Also, please no horror stories from the colonic ;) I've got my first ever on Friday, and I'm a little anxious too.
Enjoy crunchiness and please give us a few more updates. xxx

Anonymous said...

Ditto that from loulou.......I am desparate to juicefeast but feel terrified of putting all the weight back on afterwards and making myself very ill as my body will be much more sensitive etc etc ---- You sound as though you are very strong with all that ----would you say take the risk, its worth it? I'm worried abot the impact it'll have on my kids and also desparate to change my health and future.

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