Friday, January 25, 2008

Day 56 of Juice Feast

photo by Eva the Weaver

2 quarts parsley/celery/carrot
2 quarts grapefruit/orange juice
2 quarts water
16 oz tea with Break Stone

Day 56 photo
Parsley/Celery/Carrot Juice
Makes 2 quarts
2 bunches parsley
1 bunch celery
4-5 carrots, chopped
1/2-1 quart water
2 tablespoon hemp oil

1 Place celery, parsley and carrots into blender. Process until all vegetables become a thick mixture.

2 Strain mixture through a painter's straining bag (or sprouting bag) into a large bowl.

3 Pour juice into two quart-size Mason Jars. Add 1 tablespoon hemp oil per glass.


David and Katrina Rainoshek said...

Hi Lovely,

So wonderful to see you doing so well on your Feast!

We will get to your question about water SOON I promise!


Katrina Rain

Terilynn said...


Thank you so much! I feel so great! This has been so amazing.

Peace and love,

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