Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Power of 39

photo by hisdoulos

Preparing raw food cuisine is a passion of mine. It gives me a creative outlet like no other, well maybe I can think of one more. Theatre.

There's nothing like the magic of going to a live performance and watching the drama unfold.
Having a expressive outlet and a place to express your creativity, no matter what it is. It is as important to individuals as it is to a community.
Here in Colorado, one of the Nation's premier African American theatres, Shadow Theatre Company, has broken racial barriers to create an environment where all are welcome.

The award-winning theatre provides leadership opportunities to middle and high school students. To allow them to develop their creative talents.

Not to mention they have been providing spectacular entertainment for over 11 years.

I believe in so strongly for what this nonprofit organization stands for and for what it means to the community, that I am dedicating the remaining days of my juice feast to this organization.

Consider this a Juice-a-thon. I am donating a $1 per day that I have left on my juice feast to the Shadow Theatre Company. In this case the power of 39 (dollars).

Of course, I would love to give $3,900. But when I donate $39 and a few hundred of my friends donate $39 and their friends, etc. That would add up pretty fast. Please give what you feel you can afford. Any amount would be appreciated and tax deductible.

If you are drawn to send The Shadow Theatre Company your support, please send check or money orders made payable to: Shadow Theatre Company, PO Box 425, Aurora, CO 80040. If you would like to donate by credit card, call 720-857-8000.

Peace and Love,

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