Saturday, December 1, 2007

Last day of solids

Tomorrow's the day. I'm so excited, I almost started today, but I needed this extra day to prepare.

I will be producing weekly videos, documenting my juice feast. Yeah! I'm very happy about that. I graduated with a film degree so it's nice to able to make use of it some how. My first video won't premiere until January, a month into my feast. From there I'll see what the turn around is for doing a video and editing.

I have stop taking the bee pollen granuals, they make my tongue and throat itchy, so I'm thinking an allergy of some sort may be developing. I have taken the capsules in the past, so maybe I'll take thoses instead.

I will look over my to-do list tomorrow to start a plan of attack on that. I will also add a new "to-do" and that's to keep track of my feast expenses.

I have included receipts from my juice feasting purchases. I'm curious about how much I'm spending on this journey.
It isn't my main concern but I would be lying if I said it's not an issue in my family. I have 5 other people I share my home with. Of course I buy extra fresh produce, because the kids need their fruits and vegetables, but a bulk of it is for my consumption and I can't help feel a bit guilty about it.

My husband and myself aren't wealthy people, as a matter of fact we get by with the grace of God and by the skin of our teeth.
My husband and I have a theory that the powers that be want to keep people of lesser income, unhealthy. Why else would it be easy to purchase a double cheeseburger for a dollar and a small head of organic lettuce is almost $4?

Health Food store

Maybe I'm venting a bit, because I'm a slight punchy after spending almost $30 for 5 items at a health food store and spending $40 for more than 4 times that amount at my favorite Asian Market.

Thank goodness, the Asian Market will get my business over the next few months more than the health food store.
Asian Market
This juice feasting is an important thing and I aim to complete it for my health cutting the corners where I can.
Anyhoo, I will be documenting how much I spend because that is something that is important to me and it might be curious to you.

Nov. 30 Juice feasting bill: $68.63

I've subtracted $20 for the the produce I purchased for the family and the kimchi I had for my last solid.
Wish me luck on my juicing adventure and I'll chat with you later.

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