Thursday, December 6, 2007

Day 6 - But I am beautiful, dammit!

photo by artbychrysti
Do you have a person in your life who kicks you when you're down?
photo by ricko

That person who puts salt in your already burning, oozing with puss wound? That person who...well you get my drift, right?

Let me introduce to the person I like to call, Mom.

It was no secret that today started off bad (see Rune of the Day below), it didn't get worse, I was in a holding pattern until I sent a picture of me and my youngest daughter (below) to my mom, who tells me I was not beautiful anymore and why did I send a picture of myself to her.

Thanks Mom, love you, too.

She didn't know it was a bad day and my energy and mood were low.

Heck on a good day, I would have laughed it off and called her the grumpy ole woman I think she is. Not to her face of course, I'm not stupid.

Her reasoning behind it and our history isn't that important because I know where she was coming from when she said it.

She was poking a bit of fun at my expense, not being mean-spirited or hurtful, just being insensitive. If I didn't feel so vulnerable her antics is something I could brush away;

I think I had a point somewhere in my writing but right now it has failed me, so I'm going to bed.

That day just sucked all around, I would have rather gotten a itchy, closed throat from eating bee pollen.

Oh, by the way I'm eating bee pollen again. I know, I know. But remember, I'm the (not beautiful anymore) hard-headed child.

With the guidance (and advice) of my two angels I am working my way to bee pollen tolerance a granule at a time with no ill effects.

Always the optimist, the highlight of my day was digging up Jerusalem artichoke in our backyard with my husband and not going to the hospital from eating bee pollen. ;)

Oh yes, I remember my point now. Despite my emotional state today, I didn't falter.

I could have fallen back into a pattern of I can't handle a feast right now but I didn't.

I realized that the feast isn't just another "to-do" item on a list, it's part of who I am for the next 3 months and I'm not giving that up.

Good night,

photo by mari_paintbox

1 quart lime water with MSM
1 quart parsley/cucumber/tomato/shallot/garlic/kelp powder/hemp oil
1 quart grapefruit/orange/wheatgrass powder
1 quart parsley/apple/celery/ginger
1 quart spinach/carrot/Jerusalem artichoke/celery


Raising Alex said...

You are Beautiful! I am so happy that you are sharing your journey with me. I appreciate you.
I am glad that we are Feasting at the same time too..


Terilynn said...


You're going to make me cry. This feast is going to be wonderful because I'm sharing it with you. Thank you, thank you.


David and Katrina Rainoshek said...

We think you are beautiful TOO! And we love you and thank you for being such a brave Juice Feaster, paving the way for many, many more who will come after you!

Love Katrina.

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