Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Day 11- Gunn

photo by fr1zz

What does my Day 11 and Tim Gunn have in common? Nothing. I just wanted to chat about the dream I had a few nights ago.

I was driving down a street with a very steep hill (think San Francisco) on a sunny afternoon. Which is funny because I've never been to San Francisco, although my mother lives in the neighborhood of that area.

I was probably driving faster than I should have and when I hit the breaks there was nothing there. No breaks, nothing, nada, zilch.

I don't remember many of the particulars with the exception that the car was heading for a tree in the middle of the road at the bottom of the hill.

I don't know why there was a tree in the middle of the road at the bottom of the hill. It's a dream, they're freaky like that.

Anyway, standing in front of the tree was none other than "Project Runway's" Tim Gunn, dressed to the nines as usually. He also has his own show with model Veronica Webb called "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style."
Maybe my subconscious says I should work on my sense of style. Hum, very strange.

1 quart lime water with MSM
1 quarts green leaf lettuce/celery/apple/garlic/hemp oil/kelp powder
16 oz grapefruit juice/wheatgrass powder/MSM
1 quarts green leaf lettuce/celery/apple/garlic/hemp oil/wheatgrass powder
10 oz coconut water with liquid chlorophyll
2 quarts pure water

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