Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Day 12-Drowning in Anxiety!!!!!!!!!!!!!

photo by dawna m

I have lost my mind!!!!!!!!!!
Well not really. Actually, I'm feeling much better.

My "beauty ritual" and a cilantro and celery juice has seemed to calm me down a bit, but I tell you an hour ago...
Goodness, an hour ago I thought I might have been losing my freakin' mind.
Maybe it was an anxiety attack, who knows? Out of the blue a sense of urgency went through me. Everything I was doing at the time HAD to be done right NOW.

I started moving faster, I was becoming a bit confused and frustrated because I couldn't catch up or slow down. I just couldn't get my bearings on what I was doing. I also had a feeling that too much information was ingested into my brain that I couldn't process it all. It was just too much.

Do you know what I was doing? I was looking at the internet. That's all, nothing else. I was doing a bit of resource on a couple of projects I'm working on for the Daily Raw Cafe and I was a bit overwhelmed by it all.

photo by Gromit Lad

I knew I had to get off to work on my personal stuff away from the internet and I had to do my beauty ritual before my baby woke and I had to do my housework and so many other things.
But I couldn't pull myself away from Jessica Alba's pregnancy, Katie Holmes' haircut, the recent shootings in Colorado, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton's, raw food blogs, the list goes on and on.

I couldn't let go until now. I taking a break from the internet for at least 24 hours. I need to.
Could I stay away from the media (television, radio, internet) during the feast? Sure.

Do I want to? No. I live with five other people who didn't sign-on for totally detoxing from all the pollutants of the world. That's cool. I can limit my exposure to it.

I don't watch tv, too often. I have one show ("America's Next Top Model") that I have guiltless pleasure for and that ends tonight so I'm good for television shows. But for me there's something therapeutic about watching a DVD, getting away from reality for a few hours. But, hey I got a BA in filmmaking so maybe I'm biased.
photo by CarlosR

Anyway, I have just learned the hard way that too much media (in this case the internet) can be just as toxic as too much food or too much of the wrong kinds of food.
Something is going on with this feast that I need to work out and the internet is not helping.
I'm realistic. I'm not giving up the internet completely. I love it, I love the people I've meet on it, I love the little blogs I've created on it.
I'm just giving it a rest for a minute. So for the rest of the day, no emails, no posting (except this one), no, no, NADA.
Whatever proprieties are in the cilantro/celery combination seems to be working because I feel 1,000 times better.

1 quart lime water with MSM
1 quarts cilantro/celery/hemp oil/kelp granules
1 quart grapefruit/MSM/wheatgrass
24 oz cucumber/celery/beet/carrot
1 quart cilantro/cucumber/carrot/garlic
3 quarts pure water

I keep talking about my "beauty ritual," I'll explain that soon. I promise. Not today though, I'm going to play with some kids, do a bit of house work.

Peace and love,

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Raising Alex said...

Wow, Teri
I felt a lot like that yesterday. I was off the computer all day. I answered 3 emails and thought the rest could wait for me! lol
I watched a movie and started reading a new book, the day off from the puter was just what the Feasting Dr. orderd (if there were such a thing)

Be well
Your friend

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