Wednesday, January 23, 2008

And the winners are....

Here are my five picks for Inspirational Blogger Award.

Melissa, Love Raw Life. I can't say enough about my gal pal Melissa. We are currently going through some heavy sh** together with the juice feasting. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Melissa is a talented, compassionate individual who doubles as super raw mom in her spare time.

Kristen at Kristen's Raw. She reminds me of an all-American girl. Smart, beautiful, athletic and raw. How can you do better than that?

Bob, at Legally Raw, is my thinking raw blog. His stories take you to places unexpected and forces you to take a look at things you never paid attention to before.

Keely, is a perfect combination of sass and class. She is the only lady I know that can carry the words "Raw Diva" and it fits so beautifully.

This last one I don't know the protocol for giving this award to someone who already possesses it. I know for a fact that he has received one, but he's soooo very fine and I love reading about his raw adventures around the world so I will pass along another award to him. Raw Model Anthony, this one's for you!

1 comment:

Keely said...

You are SOOooo sweet!!! I will have to check out the rules to this, because I would have tagged you and Kristen... and maybe my hubby, Bob!!! [grin]

But as you have already been given the award, I guess I should spread the love!!!


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