Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Day 54 of Juice Feast

photo by ptr
1 quart lemon water with MSM
2 quarts parsley/celery/apple
1 quart grapefruit
3 quarts water
Mint/St. John's Wort tea with Break-Stone (Chanca Piedra)

I'm wondering something. Just curious, really. How do you read?
photo by austinevan
Do you read one book, start to finish before you go to the next one? Or do you bounce around? Or do you do a little of both?

I ask because, I'm currently reading three books. Not at the same time. I read a chapter or two from one book and move on to the next. Or it could be a daytime book, a bed time book and a research book.

I read The China Study straight, finished it in two days.

I'm not quite sure how I will be eating when my juice feast is over (I really don't want to think about that now) but I can pretty much guarantee that I'm not (knowingly) eating animal protein. That book scared me.

All those facts and figures.

I'm still reading "A Woman's Worth." That's my bedtime reading. I go to bed feeling really warm and fuzzy.

My daytime book is "Will Write for Food." I enjoy writing and it is a great and informative read.

My research book is "the Dictionary of Wholesome Foods." I love learning.

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