Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde emerges on Day 39 of Juice Feast

photo by B.G. Lewandowski

WARNING: This post is quite negative and raunchy in flavor. If your day is all kittens and puppy dogs tails or if you're leisurely sipping coconut water in the warm sun on some sandy beach, might I suggest you save this post for a day you feel like committing murder or something to that effect. Thanks.

Okay, my day started with this strange dream.

I was in an hotel room that consisted only of a bathroom. I was undressed and ready for a bath when Diddy (aka Sean Combs) was outside the room (that's the strange part). I quickly shut the door. I heard him tell his entourage how good I looked. Nice, so far.

As I stepped into the shower, I noticed that there was a pile of feces in the tub of water.

I looked at the door handle. Feces.

The sink, toilet and telephone. Yuk, feces.

I could not wait to wake up. I was (am) so grossed out.

Before the shitty dream discovery I had felt so clean and pure and then I felt dirty.

I have my own theories on what this dream could mean, but if you want to put in your two cents, please do. This is very disturbing.

Upon waking, my morning has been way off. I feel like I'm dealing with two very different personalities. One week I feel on top of the world the next I feel like I'm drowning in freaking quicksand.

I tend to internalize my emotions so today I feel them brewing (boiling). I feel the irritability rising and I just feel like being mean and nasty. I feel like doing some major damage.

This is not in my personality so you can understand why this mood is unpleasant. I feel comfortable being the happy-go-lucky person I pride myself in being.

Not saying I can't be difficult at times and kind of bitchy when I don't get my way.

But I have control over those times. I say how my life goes, I have myself in check and on average I'm pleasant to be around.

Today would not be that day.

Of course, this venomous mood, I can say is just detoxing.
I've got a canker sore in my mouth, I'm detoxing.
Runny nose? Detoxing.
My hair hurts, detox.
I got a hang nail. You guessed it, detoxing.

Doesn't make it any better just gives a reason behind the madness.

Heckie no, I don't want to stop my Juice Feast, I am having the time of my life. Can't you tell?

It's obvious to me that I have issues that need to be addressed and it would be too easy to suppress them by breaking my feast. I'm riding this emotional wave to see where it takes me.

I need a nap.
Thanks for reading. ;)

photo by Leo Reynolds

1 quart lemon water with MSM
1 quart grapefruit/MSM/wheatgrass powder
2 quarts mustard greens/celery/carrot/hemp oil
3 quarts water

Funny, my juices reflected today's persona...bitter and sour.


Anonymous said...

Hi Terilynn,
I (Jack) work as a therapist/social worker, so people ask me what their dreams mean all the time. Usually I ask them what they think it means; sometimes I have an idea, but it usually smacks of "I'm just making stuff up". Anyway, we really enjoyed reading this post, because we've been riding the same wave and are just on our 9th day. Thanks for being so honest.
Jack and Jill

Keely said...

You know, Teri... every once in a while you just gotta let the beast within you out to play (or snarl, or wreak havok...)!!! [grin]

I've got a cold sore on the corner of my mouth. Yep... I'm detoxing, too!!!


Terilynn said...

Thank you Jack. I'm going to post what I think my dream is about today.



Oh, the joys of the detox, right?

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