Thursday, January 17, 2008

K.I.S.S. and Cankers on Day 48

photo by Kentigern

If it's not one thing, it's another.

Everyone knows about the emotional turmoil that was my last week. Well, I am happy to report that emotionally I feel FABULOUS! Never better. Physically, I'm good. Energy level is great.

The only thing I can report is that I have not one, but two nasty, painful canker sores. Ouch!

No grapefruit/orange juice for me. So today my juice combinations will be pretty basic.

I'm taking a cue from Raw Diva Keely and Bob and go K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple Sexy) with my consumption choices.

Day 48 photo
1 quart lemon water with MSM
4 quarts spinach/celery/apple
3 quarts water


Keely said...

You ARE simply sexy!!! [grin]

I've been noticing that when I have a lot of citrus fruit, I have been getting sores in the corners of my mouth. If I lay off of the citrus, or make it a point to wash my mouth area right after consuming acidic fruits, they go away. Might help... can't hurt!!!

Terilynn said...


Thank you so much. I feel sexy, which is nice.

I know I have to watch the citrus, but I love them so. LOL

Neens said...


I have them, too! Two really nasty ones in the left corner of my mouth, one on the inside of the other... It huuuurts!! ;o)

Luckily Ben went and got me some straws, that helps a lot. Still hurts a bit, but at least I don't get any juice in there!

Didn't know about the citrus fruits, I have been having quite a lot of oranges lately, I guess... Thanks so much for the tip, Keely!

Lots of love from Neens

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