Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunny in Colorado

photo by Leo Reynolds
Day 58 of my juice feast leaves me full of juices, happy and basking in the wonderful, (much needed) sunlight. I asked my husband when I could start playing in the garden because it was sooo warm and sunny today. His answer left me dejected. I can't start digging in the dirt until after Mother's Day. But he did say I could play in the melted snow and mud and build the fence around the garden. I passed and choose to sprout some lentils. Oh, well.

Aside from the garden, this weekend has been simply marvelous. I attended The Denver Living and Raw Food Cafe rawluck yesterday with my 8-year-old daughter and there was a great turn-out. I am loving the support that is growing in the raw food community. Especially online. It's just so inspiring!

Of course, I couldn't go to the rawluck empty-handed. I made a platter of crudites with three different flavors of flax crackers, olive tapenade and vegetable dip. The recipes I will share on The Daily Raw Cafe next week.

I, of course, sipped on my green juice.
Fortunately, the fun doesn't end. I have second rawluck to attend on Tuesday. So I will report back on that one next week also.

2 quarts purple kale/celery/carrot/hemp oil/cayenne
1 quarts grapefruit/MSM/Alfalfa powder
2 quarts water
16 oz tea with Break Stone

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kalequeen said...

The platter you made looks gorgeous!

I'm really enjoying catching up on all your blog entries...congratulations on your amazing progress!


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