Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Moving Forward

My husband and I are back on track so life around the Epperson household is peaceful and pleasant. So I'm slowly dipping back into blogging.

I did want to share what I have been doing for the last few weeks. I briefly discussed the running in the earlier post and I have continued to weight train. I still get up at 5:30 to be at the gym when it opens. Nothing has changed there.

My 100% raw eating? Not so much. I love kimchi and I love my kimchi with rice. I don't go crazy but I do enjoy it. Also, I love soup. Broth soup in particular. So if the husband makes one of his delicious soups I do indulge. And along the way there has been a few glasses of vino. It's hard (not impossible) to eat raw when you have a family eating cooked. So I set a few guidelines for myself to make sure it doesn't get out of control.

1. Drink 2 quarts of green smoothies and one meal. Whether that meal is cooked or raw, it doesn't matter. Most of the time, it's a huge salad for lunch and I save my second smoothie for dinner. I just don't go over board.
2. Don't eat after 7 p.m.

3. Exercise at least 6 days per week. (Sometimes I find myself working out twice per day)
4. Drink at least 4 quarts of water per day.

5. If I am hungry before 7 p.m. eat a piece of fruit or nuts.

6. If I am hungry after 7 p.m. drink more water or drink some tea.

Do I follow this all the time? Hecky no! It's just a guideline, but pretty simple for me to take on.

I wanted to share my Plyometrics training. Using a series of jumps, hops, bounds and the likes, it is high-intensity, explosive muscular contractions that invoke the stretch reflex.

Plyometrics helps build speed, strength and power.

I just started a few days ago and it's super fun to do with the kids (What kid doesn't like jumping?).
Here is the Epperson Family Plyometrics Center. Now taking reservations. (I am so kidding)

Squat and Tuck Jumps done here.

Jump to Box and Lateral Jump to Box

This stick is used for the Zigzag Hops.

Box Drills (jump into each square)

I do Bounding in the entire yard. Towards the back, I bound over the dogs' poop which gives the exercise a whole new challenge.

My goodness with the weight training, the running, the Plyometrics (and yoga thrown in for good measure), you would think I'm training to become an athlete.

Oh, by the way. Thank you Stephanie for passing along information about The Raw Olympics in November. It's something we all should think about. ; )

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Jaquanda Rae said...

Great news to hear that home is happier. You've got it all girl. I pray that things only get better. Much love and respect.

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