Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Workout for April 7-9

photo by Sameli

My friend Tai-Kiah has asked me to post something a bit more cheery to move forward with.
Please forgive the broken record, but again I want to thank all who have supported me and read my blog and even in my insane times have found inspiration in what I have written.

Thank you so very much.

So what have I been doing in the past three days? Well, for starters, I haven't stopped working out, my diet has been a bit laxed, more on that in a moment but I have worked out even more than before. Also, I have been speaking with my husband. This is a good thing since we haven't spoken a full sentence in about three weeks. We are working it out, slowly but surely.
Monday, April 7
Incline DB Press: 15reps/10lbs; 12reps/12lbs; 10reps/15lbs; 8reps/20lbs; 15reps/12lbs
DB Flyes: Push-ups (no weight) 15reps

Incline DB Rows: 15/8; 12/10; 10; 8; 15
Straight Arm Pulldowns: 15/30

Lateral Raises: 15/5; 12/8; 10/5; 8/5; 15/5
DB Shrugs: 15/20

Concentration Curls: 15/5; 12/8; 10/10; 8/12; 15/10
EZ Bar Curls: 15/bar

DB Kickbacks: 15/5; 12/8; 10/10; 8/12; 15/10
Lying EZ Bar Extension: 15/bar

1 hour rebounding in the evening

Tuesday April 8
AM - 1 hour Elliptical machine

AM- walk my daughter to school 1 mile total

50 crunches
100 side crunches
50 bicycles

PM - 2 mile (each way) walk to the library with my 8-year old daughter - 4 miles total

Wednesday April 9

Lower Body
Smith Squats: 15/65; 12/75; 10/85; 8/95; 15/95
Leg Extensions: 15/80

Leg Curls: 15/10; 12/20; 10/30; 8/20; 15/10
Good Mornings: 15/EZ bar

Seated Calf Raises: 15/90; 12/90; 10/90; 8/90; 15/90

I'm not going into great detail about my diet. It's been clean for the most part.
There might have been a few cooked indulges along the way. It's more in the lines of brown rice to go with my lettuce wraps and kimchi. I thought maybe the rice would make me feel full. Maybe a few cooked lentils and bowl of hot miso broth with fresh vegetables. Nothing major.

The more I work out the hungrier I have become and the salads and smoothies weren't satisfying me.

Another thing to note with the exercises are I have switched to the Elliptical machine for my cardio.

photo by legolam
I'm trying to get rid of my baby pooch and so I'm upping the cardio to at least 45 minutes a sessions (time willing) and lowering the fat consumption a bit. Instead of one avocado with a salad, I'll eat half and save the other half for the next day.

I have read and heard so much different information about getting rid of that lower belly pudge, I don't know what to think.

Some places say no problem, just do a ton of cardio and eat a low fat diet, others say reduce your stress level and the fat will disappear and yet others say, it will never go away and liposuction is the only way.
Oy Vay!
It is safe to say I'm watching my fat, doing cardio like crazy, lifting weights, I'm not getting liposuction and I'm drinking tons of water so it's very possible I might float away.
No worries, I'm enjoying every step of the way. ;)


Wendi Dee said...

*Hugs* I was missing you!

Lots of love to you!


Courtney Pool said...

Sending love and support for you in these times!

Anonymous said...

I'd recommend you and your beloved both read "A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle. It's not a self-help book, not meant to change your beliefs or teach you anything new, but designed to shift the way you think about things so that you aren't caught up and twisted in your head and tossed around by your emotions. Magical stuff, not to mention that 6 million people are reading the book right now, that's a hella lot of positive energy and momentum to tap into.

My love goes out to you.

Michelle said...

I have a huge lower belly bulge. I am hoping it will go away enough so that I don't jiggle like Santa. You are amazing with the exercising! I need to take some lessons from you.

Keep up the great work!

little miss sunshine said...

If you don't mind me asking, what is going on in your marriage. I myself am going through a bit of a spell. Your comment about feeling alone in a marriage really hit home for me. Both my husband and I feel that way. It's difficult. What do you do? I can't help but feel somedays like I settled for something less than what I wanted or looking for. Do you feel that way?

♥ Haro ♥ said...

thats alot of workout u did

Terilynn said...

Thank you for the recommendation of "A New Earth." I do have it and I signed up for Oprah's online classes. I started reading it before the class and the more I read it the more I felt like I was a bad person. So I stopped reading it because it didn't offer any guidance into changing my wicked ways. But I understand it's not the book's job to change my behavior, it's all up to me but I would have like a bit of guidance.


cyn94601 said...

You have inspired me. I'm not a vegan or even a vegitarian but i'm eating alot cleaner since finding your blog.

Most of the people around me are overweight and I appreciate the encouragement to do something different.

It's just what I needed!

Terilynn said...

Little Miss Sunshine,

It wouldn't be appropriate to discuss the details of our troubles. Particularly at this time. My husband didn't sign up to blog his business (unlike his wife) and so his private affairs should remain private. Without going into specifics, we had a breakdown of communication and hurtful things were said instead of constructive dialogue. Thus a lot of our problems stem.

We know for the sake of the family (children) we have to find that common ground and we are working towards that.

Peace and love,

Terilynn said...


I had a huge belly also before my juice feasting, now it's just a little annoying pouch that is so close to leaving but is taking it's sweet time. LOL!


Judy said...

Hi Terrilynn,

My heart goes out to you. Just so you know what I speak is the truth, go see my blog.

Hey, I can help you out with tummy bulge. I need some questions answered. Do what works for you, not just general stuff.


Linda in the Raw said...


Thinking good thoughts for you and sending positive vibes your way! Don't ever forget what a SURVIVOR you are!!

I would also reccomend watching some of Byron Katie's work. She is AWESOME!

Hang in there!

BrunodeLaRoza said...

Love the name of your blog Terilynn. Life ah yes, inspiration please. In a Dan Fogelberg song he sings so beautifully; "seek inspiration in daily affairs" sounds easy enough, especially when things are going well, quite a bit more challenging when adversity steps in tho'.

Anyway, All God's Blessings to you, your marriage and your nephew, is it having surgery soon?

My Mother who is 82 is going through some health concerns now, prayers are appreciated. In fact let's just go ahead and keep one another in that peaceful place in our hearts and heads where only love and peace reside.
Isn't is amazing how peoples lives cross paths? By divine appointment I suppose.

Anyway God Bless and keep you safe.
Just me in Albuquerque, New Mexico ~

Jaquanda Rae said...


I'm glad you posted're doing it all yet not neglecting the most important people, your family. I am very proud of you. I was wondering if you'd be able to balance it out and you seem to be doing just fine. You go girl, stun your husband with your killer body, mother of two (I think!)


tootsie2roll said...

I wish I could workout as well as you do, but, alas, I lack the will power. Good job though. And I'm glad you and your husband are talking again. Good luck.

kiwi........... said...

Hi Terilynn;Its good to read your journal ,I haven't been in here like for-ever and decided to pop in,I think I still have a site here some where lol Is your soul purpose for a medical reason? or to just lose weight? My husband and I are ill and we do a few herbs,and i'll tell you after coming from the doctors I was worse,swelled up bumps all over my hands and body because of meds.but I did a google search and found exactly what I needed and all is getting better.Nothing in life is ever perfect or a promise but at least things are and can get better through knowledge.Good luck and prayers to you and nephew.God

kiwi........... said...

MY husband likes picking arguments every minute he gets but I state my feelings and move on,I try not to live in his angry world and trying to understand where he's coming from but other than that I chose a secluded life(not lonely)and still be active with other people.I agree with the book on Echart Tolle;he said we create our own life and pain through what ever we think,some choose to stay in that pain as I know I did for many,many years and in turn has caused me much illness because of my own thoughts.I strongly do believe I did create my own pain.But i'm working on that now at any cost,and hubby can stay angry in his own comfort zone lol

Cheryl Poo said...

Hi Terilynn

Amazing job at the workouts! I'm Cheryl, came across your blog while surfing. Anyways, I'm a wellness coach and I help people who're serious about their health. Feel free to contact me at

All the best!


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