Monday, May 19, 2008

Playing in the Epperson Garden


On Mother's Day, my hubbie, a few of the kids and I spent the day out in the backyard creating our garden.

We planted alot and still have a small area left to work with. I'm developing a major green thumb, I'm digging gardening, it makes me feel a bit more grounded.

I think today I'm going to pull weeds, just so that I have an excuse (like I need one) to play in the dirt.
We planted seeds and also started plants.

The started plants were:
Purple Kale
Swiss Chard
Red leaf lettuce

After 7 days, I'm pleased to report that we already have spinach, arugula, kale and lettuce popping up. And the wheatgrass (planted a week before Mother's Day) is sprouting like crazy. Yeah!
I planted a couple of types of parsley in flower pots this morning. I'm on a parsley salad kick, it's pretty inexpensive in the stores but I wanted to see how they do in our garden.
There are a few other herbs I want to plant in pots but I haven't decided what yet.
Hubbie in the "love" shack. The only thing that sprouted here was the hickey on my neck. LOL!

We have mint from last year springing up (photo above) and we planted chocolate and pineapple mint in another location. I can't wait for that. Our compost is empty. My hubbie took it all and put in the soil before we started planting.


Omar said...

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