Monday, May 19, 2008

Updated workout schedule

The Corepower Yoga near my home changed the Hot Yoga schedule on me so now I won't be able to practice it in the early morning.
I will try to practice it at another location in the evenings.

My plan is to alternate the Corepower Yoga (Vinyasa yoga in a heated room) and running (weight training) in the mornings and then the Hot Yoga (Bikram) in the evenings.

I enjoy Vinyasa but I love Bikram. I love the way you know what pose you will be doing.

Vinyasa (flow) yoga's poses are dependent on what the instructor feels like doing for that particular session. It totally keeps your body guessing what's next. Which is all good.

I look forward to practicing both types of yoga for the summer.

I did 1 hour of circuit training this morning, running on the treadmill and 3 sets of 15 upper body workout.

My gym membership is up next month and I'll wait til the fall to renew.
Weight training will take a break for a minute. This summer, I will concentrate on yoga and running.


Neha said...

I did core power yoga for a while. I felt amazing after I did it. I want to try Bikram now. Yoga really is great.

MeatBound said...

I commend you on your efforts to live a healthy life. Keep up the good work :)

ahmad wiyono said...

hi, nice blog you have...:D

photo*jeNN*ic said...

I love your posts and find you a lot like myself. I exercise religiously and also enjoy doing bikram yoga. I think your lifestyle is great and I give you major kudos for running a household AND living such a healthy life. I don't have any yet and I still find it difficult to balance.

Thank you for sharing and I look forward to reading more in the future.

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