Saturday, January 9, 2010

I blog on Day 9....

because I have things on my mind and I want to speak them.
because I have emotions I want to vent.
because I have words that need to be written.
because I think we all desire an audience whether it be a lover or the world.

I've started another Juice Feast. I am in a not so ideal place in my body. Unfortunately, I'm the heaviest I have ever been without the benefit of a pregnancy. I can live with that.

I know as long as I drink my green juices and do the supportive measures need for detox my physical body will become what it should.

This juice feast I'm going to try to focus on the aspects that caused me to gain the weight back (and more.) Why would I spend three months of my life (and my family's lives) getting healthy only to piss it away? That's insane.

There's no excuse.

There won't be lists of what I consumed, how much I weigh, etc, there might be pictures (they are always fun to see progress) and there will be words (I have lots to say). I have a tendency to censor myself, I will move away from that behavior.

I should say what I feel, right? I think we all should.

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