Tuesday, December 18, 2007

How much is this going to cost?

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A big concern for my husband and myself was how much is this feast going to cost.

In May (the month of my previous feast) it wasn't a big issue because the family was eating more fresh fruits and veggies, now that the family dynamics have changed, it created discussions.

We worked out a juice feasting and family grocery budget that we were both comfortable with and based on those budgets I know what I can spend.

This total below includes trips to the juice bar, produce and supplements.
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The produce is the most fun to buy. The store I'm purchasing at now posts its sales ad online so I shop before I head into the store. It helps with my budget and I get a bit of variety into the juices. Alot of what I buy is also communal. The family is welcome to eat the fruits and vegetables I buy and I still have plenty to juice.

The supplements have been the pricier items. I am using about 2-3 tablespoons of MSM powder daily and it is about $5-$10 per week. The royal jelly and wheatgrass powder ain't cheap and I go through those like it's nothing.

I have given up on the bee pollen. Once I reached 8 granules the itchiness came back and I got sick to my stomach. And vomiting where I draw that line, but hey that's just me. I have issues.

Dec. 7-Dec. 17 Juice feasting bill: $96.14
Total Juice Feasting bill: $164.77

If my math is correct that's about $9 per day. I believe it is a shade under what JuiceFeasting.com says the cost of a feast could be. Not too bad.

Also I have added Day 18 photo to the Juice Feasting photo gallery. Check it out.

1 quart lime water with MSM
2 quarts spinach/celery/carrot/sweet potato
1 quart pineapple/grapefruit
12 oz coconut water with liquid chlorophyll
2 quarts water

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