Friday, January 11, 2008

Day 42 and unshaved

photo by alladaskill

A couple of you lovely readers have asked me why I'm not shaving. It has nothing to do with the juice feast program.

I am just bizarre that way. I briefly mentioned it in the "to-do" list post but here it is in a bit more detail.

I'm a child of the eighties and once I read that Madonna didn't shave her armpits for a hot minute and I thought that was so liberating. And for some reason when I was thinking of things to do to pass the time while I was feasting that came to mind. Yes, it's true. I can be slightly insane. But good thing you love me all the same, right?

The beautiful Courtney of Radical Radiance suggested a few inspirational books.

The Conversations with God books, by Neale Donald Walsch and A Woman's Worth, by Marianne Williamson

They are on there way to my local branch library. I'm very excited to start reading those.

My friend and fellow chef Scott of Raw Denver will gift me with a book, but at the moment the title escapes me. Oh, I rememer now. The China Study.

And Ric has suggested 'middlesex' by jeffrey eugenides.

Thank you all and Keep them coming...

1 quart lime water with MSM
2 quarts mustard greens/celery/carrots
2 quarts grapefruit/orange/MSM/Alfafa powder
2 quarts water


Love Raw Life said...

Hiya, Terrilynn
How are you doing? I haven't talked to you in a few days..

Love, Light & Peace to you and yours
Raw Love

Doug said...

The Omnivore's Dilemma is a book that inspired to quit eating meat!

Love your posts!

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