Thursday, April 3, 2008

photo by bridgepix

I'm such a creature of habit. Too much so from the looks of my menu. It makes life easier if I eat the same thing. I know what to purchase, how long it takes to prepare, etc.

But for the past two days, I'm a getting kind of bored with my menu. I guess it's time to take a look at The Daily Raw Cafe and find more dining options.

I want to be able to have some greens in every meal so I think wraps and rolls are in my future.

On the Menu:
5:30A: 1 quart lemon water with MSM

8:30A: 1 quart green smoothie (kale/celery/bananas/hemp protein powder/bee pollen)

Noon: large salad (green leaf lettuce/scallions/jalapeno/broccoli/sprouts/hemp protein powder/lemon/olive oil

2P: 1 quart green smoothie

3P: 3 oranges

4P: broccoli/carrots

6P: 1 quart green smoothie

Before bed 1 quart lemon water with MSM

45 minutes on treadmill total

1st session 20 minutes running

Abs 50x each
Crunches on Large Ball

Crunches (with 6lb medicine ball) on Large Ball

Legs on Large Ball Ab Crunches

2nd session 25 minutes


Elle Griffin said...

Wow, healthy! I wish I had your motivation

Hawaiian Hut Goddess said...

Aloha! I found your blog through "blog of note". Great blog! I really like the pictures you post, the colors are amazing.

dark ink said...

very nice..n uniquie blog.......:)..really time savy............gr8
do visit mine ...:)

Lady-River said...

Sounds interestin! Although, to tell the truth, a lot of the stuff on the menu I didn't understand! lol, I need to expand my knowledge of food and stuff.
Molly ox

One Great Miss said...

hi Terri,

i just started out my blog and i would really love to link your blog to mine if taht's ok. i am a single parent of 2 and some of the topics i wish to discuss in my blog navigate on losing the pregnancy weight, and eating healthier. in case you decide its ok, mi\y url is

thank you

Katie cat said...

I love the photos that you always include!

the munator said...

broccoli.I would love to taste that sometime in my life.We dont get it here in India.But I heard my mom talk about it though.
ur blog is so refreshing :)
i blog at

librabrunnetevegetarian said...

You seem like you are really into fitness. I excercise as much as I can and eat a vegetarian diet with as much organic as I can. You seem like a nice person. Check out my blog if you want at

Faizal said...

hi there, just dropping by to say Hello.

Got your blog from Blogger's Blog of Note.

Look like you are really into a very healthy lifestyle.

AUMomAt20 said...

Love the lifestyle. You are an inspiration and I will be taking care of my body, especially now that I am pregnant. (Randomly browsing)

Fox Williams said...

Wow, a lot of detail about your workout and diet regimes. Has it paid off in terms of your energy?

cynicaloptimist said...

I lveo your blog! I'll be back soon!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm impressed with your dedication. I'm a psychologist writing as

Timbo89 said...

Wow, u have motivation i wish i could get up and excercise that early. As well as eat all those healthy foods.

Good on ya.

-10- said...

i have to say, ur blog's really inspiring me to do some of the exercise and following the course of meal (not to mention, i'm on diet too lol). like ur blog. there are many beautiful pics

Anne said...

hi, i love to see you have such a motivation. Well, I have some plans too to improve my lifestyle, but sometimes I can't seems to follow it!
Reading your blog give me determination to do more of what I have planned. Thanks. Keep it up!

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