Thursday, January 31, 2008

Having Value on Day 62

photo by Alastair Bird

Do you ever have those moments when a light bulb turns on in your head? And you think, "My goodness, I get it!"

I would like to share something that Katrina sent me to help me cope with my occasional emotional breakdowns.

"...emotions are just so much more accessible when not buried under layers of toxic food medication. One thing that has really helped me is to think of what Ecart Tolle calls the "pain body" We all have it. It is strong, and it doesn't like to be ignored, and when it feels threatened by something like non-causal joy, bliss, self-love, pouring over of the heart love cup, it rises up nice and strong and says "please don't forget me!"

Word for word, that pretty much sums it up.

Thank you, Katrina and a special thank you to Melissa who talked me through yesterday. She is someone I am so grateful for. I am so very blessed that she has entered my life.
I will be reading the words of Eckhart Tolle very soon.

From time to time I read blogs where people want to embark on a Juice Feasting journey and they are doing so without their friends' or families' knowledge for fear of what they will think.
That is unfortunate. If anything, this whole process has made me realize the importance of having some sort of support during Juice Feasting. Whether it be a fellow feaster, the forums at or with your sister (Love you Mo)

I don't know if I have mentioned this before but this is my second juice feasting opportunity in a year's time.

The first go around I juice feasted 28 wonderful days. I realize now I stopped for the very actions that are plaguing me now. I was too fearful of my own greatness. A part of me didn't feel of value, not worthy. I didn't understand what was happening to me so I took the easy way out and stopped.

But it was all good, because it wasn't my time. Now is.

The only difference (beside drinking more green juices than fruit) between the two feasts is having the support like never before.

If you have any notion to participate in a Juice Feast, I would encourage you to do so. You are will be doing it at a time where the support (like the juices) is in abundance. Especially if you do it in March with the Global Juice Feast 2008. That would be a perfect time to start.

Juice Feasting has been the hardest and most challenging thing I have ever did in my life. It has forced me to pay attention to me (and what my body needs) in ways I have never done before.

And I'm totally worth it!

photo by Usokchoe
1 quart lemon water with MSM
2 quarts red and green cabbage/celery/carrots/lemon
2 quarts grapefruit/blood orange juice/MSM
2 quarts water
16 oz tea with Break stone


Suki said...

love your blog! suki x

Neeta said...

great post, thanks
xx neeta

Love Raw Life said...

Call me anytime, darlin'
I am so gald that you are in a better place this day.
(I am too)
Raw Love

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